Sunday, April 29, 2007

Eli's Gradjamation

Yes everyone, it's true. Eli is finally gradjamatated! Well, he was in December, but he walked this week. At commencement, we were honored to have Vice President Dick Cheney come and speak. That was pretty nifty, if you ignore all the security with which we were tortured. The lines to get in were murder! Still, he said good stuff, and it was quite a surprise for everyone to have President Hinckley show up unexpected.
My parents came in late Thursday to share the joyous occasion with us, and it was a pleasure to have them. We had a fun time Saturday, painting the town red.
Oh, a word about the job; ain't gonna happen. I finally called this week to find out and they chose someone else, but encouraged me to keep checking because they'd have more openings soon. So there you go. I did have a very nice interview with Kira's company earlier that week, however, and am excited to hear back from them. They should let me know within two weeks.
Speaking of Kira's job, she's getting a huge raise beginning tomorrow. Her company has been kind of behind the times with pay, so they are increasing everyone's pay to be more competitive. It turns out to be an increase of about 33%, and then in June, she'll get another raise for being there a year. Sweet stuff.
She's regained her appetite, and is feeling much better overall. She's showing a teeny weeny bit, but still, not much to see yet. We'll keep the pictures coming.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Two Years!

I wanted to take a few minutes to point out that today marks two years since Kira and I were married. I can't believe how fast it has gone by! It's really been quite an adventure for both of us, I think. There's been a lot of adjustment on both our parts, but mostly a lot of fun and a lot of good times. I think it's most interesting looking back on the 25 years of my life and all the experiences I've had. And I think that I can now say I am beginning to understand what love is. There is no place I would rather be in my life (well, except maybe being employed), and I am so glad for what we've gone through and even more excited for what lies ahead. Life really is good, everyone.
Alright, there's my serious note for the year. I promise I won't get this cheesy very often.
P.S. Once again, if anyone is planning on coming to my graduation celebration, it is at 6:30 or so tomorrow, not earlier. Sorry if there was any confusion. Call or email with questions.

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Poll results, etc.

Thank you all for voting on the names. As you can see from the comments, we had some very mixed results. Several of you, I'm sad to see, took Kira's side. Therefore, after several hours of contemplating and crying, I've decided to give up my fight for German names. That's okay though - I knew it was only a pipe dream (sniff).
Including the email votes with the comments on the blog, it appears that "Dieter" clearly won. Honorable mentions were "Johann" and "Wolfram". Several of them, on the other hand, gained infamy pretty quickly. You know what? Fine. You can all be that way. Maybe I'll just name him Peekay Desmondo Ricks. That'd be sweet.
If we get some serious name possibilities, maybe we'll have a legitimate poll. Of course, that all depends on the results from May 11th, when we will get another ultrasound that should tell us the child's sex.
Speaking of ultrasounds, here is a picture of our first one about 8 weeks ago. As you can see, Kira and I are the proud parents of a little 2.11 cm-long gray blob (it's now about the size of an avocado). Isn't it cute?

For those of you (like me) who have no idea what you're looking at, the little oval-shaped mass that is sitting in the lower right corner of the black hole is our offspring. The brightest part of the blob was about where we could see the heart beating. That was really cool. I don't know which side is what, but as you can see, my little blob is waving at us, and would wink if it had discernible eyelids at this point.
You know, I wonder if this is weird for Kira that I'm posting a picture of the contents of her uterus on the Internet. Oh well, I'll just assume it's fine with her...

Friday, April 20, 2007

I am so amazing. Here's why...

Hey everyone. Still no word on that job yet. I'll let you know. I just wanted to post this to say how cool I am. As if you didn't already know that. Last night I went swimming again with my brother and I finally worked up the courage to dive off of the 15' high platform! Twice! It was, by far, the most painful thing I've ever done in my life (well, the first time anyway). But I did it and didn't break my neck! I'm sure that doesn't sound as cool, but it was a little personal goal of mine to build up the guts, and I did it! So there.
Also, per Austin's (see his link to the right) suggestion, I thought it would be fun to do a little informal poll of baby names. We've pretty much decided on a girl's name, but we're having a heck of a time with boy's names. I like German names but Kira won't hear of it, so I want some feedback from all of you guys. Give me your vote by posting a comment, or just email me.

Eli's list of sweetest German boy names ever:
Johann (pronounced yo-hon)
Wolfram (doesn't it just scream Nobel Prize winner?)
Wolfgang (Kira dislikes this one the most)
Hansel or just Hans

There are others of course, but here's just a start. Anyway, I sincerely doubt we'll actually use any of these if Kira has anything to say about it (and trust me, she does) but I thought it'd be fun. Happy voting!

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

A Little News...

If you can't quite see it, it says "Pregnant". Yes, that's right. Kira is pregnant! She is just now finally letting me tell everybody, so here you go. This might better explain why she was sick that day we went prom dress shopping with Keely and I had to wheel her around in a wheel chair; she was down with pretty bad "morning" sickness!
So here it is! In answer to all your questions, she will be at the four-month-mark this Friday. That gives us an estimated due date of October 4th. Boy or girl? Yes it is. That means we don't know. We should find that out on May 11th. Notice the picture of the beautiful little booties attached. My mom made those and sent us a pair of each just to cover her bases. Well, that or she thought we'd be having twins.
The picture of Kira is supposed to illustrate how she is not really showing at all. She feels a little bigger in that area, but you can't really tell to look at her. We know there's a baby in there though. Our first clue was the pregnancy test. We took it a little before we expected to get a result because Kira's mom was in town and she thought it would be better to tell her in person if we could. It came out positive, as you can see, so it's gone from there.
Our second clue was that she's had pretty bad "morning" sickness throughout. She never really had an appetite, and would gag quite a bit. There were a few days where she was unable to keep anything down, but we're pretty sure those days are now over. She still gags a little here and there, mostly at the thought of taking her vitamins, and always always always at the smell of our pantry. She's gotten her appetite back now, but is getting increasingly tired of having to decide what to eat next and having to eat so often. She goes through more yogurt in a week than the population of Chicago goes through in a month, which is weird because she's usually not that into dairy.
Anyway, our third clue that there's a baby in there is the ultrasound we had on March 2nd. There were some early concerns, so we went in to make sure everything was cool so far. The first midwife couldn't find anything in the ultrasound, so we came back the next week and there it was! We saw the teeny little heart beating and everything. Then, just two weeks ago, we heard the heartbeat again, so everything is going as it should.
It's quite a feeling to be expecting our first child. We're mostly excited, but also a little overwhelmed, and the baby's not even here yet! To prepare, I've checked out every single book our library has on fetal development, and it is absolutely amazing stuff. I highly recommend reading up on it to anyone. We've got quite the process ahead of us for buying a crib, changing table, etc. But we've also lucked out that Kira's older sisters have some great maternity clothing. As for clothing for the baby, efficiency favors a boy; Kira has five nephews on her side, no nieces. On my side, there's one of each. So if it is a boy, we'll have all the hand-me-downs we can handle. We'll find out shortly and keep you posted.
In the meantime, we're playing around with names and getting all the sleep we can!

Sunday, April 15, 2007

High Hopes

I had a fantastic job interview on Tuesday with that company for whom I really want to work. They all seem very nice and the job sounds like it'd be great experience and the pay would be plenty to live off of. Turns out Kira actually knows some of them through her job, and so that was kind of an "in" I hope. There was a small chance I would hear back Friday, but nothing yet. I know they were checking references Thursday, so I should hear early this week.
Thursday morning I got a job offer from that month long position at the preschool. I told them thanks, but no thanks. I'm just worried that that would be during the window of turnover from the semester and all and that I would miss the good jobs. And truly, more opportunities are coming up, so any day now...
Yesterday was one of the busier Saturdays in recorded history. Kira had enrichment in the morning and right after that, we headed up to Draper for our eldest nephew's birthday. So get this - every time we're over there, he begs me for transformer stories, talks my ear off about how so-and-so transforms into whatever, and tells everyone in the house at least a hundred times a day how he is going to be Optimus Prime (the coolest transformer ever) when he grows up. He has transformers on his wall, sleeps with his Optimus Prime on his bedpost, and every other word out of his mouth is either "Autobot" (good transformer) or "Decepticon" (bad transformer). So naturally we bought him a little transformer for his birthday. He opened it up and was just thrilled. Among the exclamations was the question, "How did you know I like transformers?" Oh, it was just a lucky guess Brayden...
Oh, right, I was talking about Saturday. So after the birthday festivities, we went straight to babysitting for Kira's old roommate's brother. Confused? They have three beautiful little blond balls of energy that some call "daughters". Luckily, one of them can't talk because the other two are always saying something. Loudly.
That didn't last very long though, so we then came home and got a phone call inviting us back up to Draper today, Sunday. That's a bit of a long story, so I'll skip it and just say that we went up to help pack and babysit in a sort of desperate situation.
Anyhoo, not a whole lot else to speak of for the week. I spent a good part of Friday up in Draper also, helping where I could. If you did your math, you know that means I went to Draper three days in a row this week. Now you're going to go back and reread some stuff just to check, aren't you?

Sunday, April 8, 2007


Hey everybody,
Here's a precious shot of what we did today. Yeah, we dyed eggs. To prepare, we made quiche for dinner, along with German pancakes earlier in the week. We gave a lot of the best ones away at nursery today and these are the ones we made tonight with Jesse over for dinner (the goofy looking ones are his experiments).

Speaking of nursery; a three-year-old gave the opening prayer today and he says, "Heavenly Father, I am SOOOO good, I do everything that my mommy asks me," etc. Hilarious kid!

Anyway, I am pretty much just posting this for the picture, but here's a funny little thing that happened to me this week...

The Vega was running pretty low on gas and on Tuesday, Kira said our other car was also really low, so maybe we should go fill them up at the same time later that night. I told her I wasn't sure if the Vega would make it to the MTC and back, but I'd try it. It didn't make it.

I was on my way down the hill and it died, but I coasted it into a parking lot and there was a spot right there, so I parked just fine. Of course, I had left my cell phone home for the first time in four years, so I couldn't call anyone. I went into the store and borrowed the phone to call my brother who would be passing by in a few minutes anyway. He came and picked me up so we could take care of the whole thing. I bought gas and a gas can. Of course, Kira had no idea what was going on because I wasn't picking up my phone and she came home to an empty house. I called her when my brother got there, and eventually everything was all set.

What have we learned? I now know that when the dial is on "E", it means it. So, there you have it. Be warned.

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Keely's stay

Last week was a bit of a change for us. As you remember, Kira's littlest sister came to stay with us for a couple of days. She didn't leave too big a mess, so she's welcome back anytime. No, seriously, it was a pleasure to have her - Eli actually got a break from the dishes for a meal!
She arrived Monday evening around dinner time, so we ate and chatted and stayed up to watch a movie I'd gotten from the library.
Kira awoke feeling sick, regretting that she'd stayed up so late, so called in sick to work and we spent the majority of the morning trying to nurse her back to health. She had made plans to go prom dress shopping with Keely that afternoon (Utah is pretty much the only place on the planet where one can find a modest formal gown). Come 2:00, she wasn't feeling too much better, so agreed to go with Keely if I came along and pushed her in a wheelchair through the mall.
We went to every store in two malls in Provo and neighboring Orem, looking at every single dress in the world. But of course, we didn't buy a dress. Oh no, that would be crazy. She settled on the dress she already had back home and bought a formal jacket to cover up some. Don't worry though; Kira assures me I had a wonderful time shopping with them.
It's become even more clear to me how differently men and women shop. A man would buy the first one that fit and looked good and was in his price range. A woman has to see every single possibility, think about it for a good long while, make a purchase, and then leave all the tags on it for a few weeks afterward in case she changes her mind.
If I sound bitter or annoyed, I'm not. I actually felt like Jane Goodall must have felt when she spent her first few days among the gorillas; you wouldn't believe the things I learned about dresses, what goes with certain dresses, what's tacky and why, etc. Hence another reason we men have stuck with simple tuxedos for a good hundred years or so. All you do is pick out a tie and maybe a matching vest. That requires a maximum of 30 seconds, and you're done. Brilliant.
Anyway, moving on, I had another job interview that week but it turns out that the position is only until May. Yes, that's right, May. And guess what - they still haven't made a decision yet. But Monday I woke up deciding that I was going to get two calls that day for interviews at two other places to whom I had given my resume. At 1:00, the phone rings, and it's a perfect job I'd love. They want to interview me on the 10th. So I decided I'm going to get hired there, just so you all know. I'll let you know when I start.
More exciting updates coming soon!

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Murphy's Law

Okay world, I just mailed out about fifty graduation announcements about an hour ago, and guess what? The information is wrong! The university just mailed me a thingy that had the correct information, which is different from what I found on their website. Wouldn't you know it; they've split up the school of social sciences, and I just happened to look at the wrong one. I'm sure most of you will not be able to attend the thing anyway, but if any of you can come, it is at a different time and place than I have printed on the announcement. Please contact me if you would still like to come. Sorry about any confusion. Everything else on the announcement is correct.