Sunday, August 26, 2007

Babies and the Showering Thereof

You know, I think one of the strangest elements of our culture is the Baby Shower. First of all, the name; the baby's not even really aware of what is going on, except that there are several high-pitched voices making noise and hands are pressing into her personal space, encouraging her to kick or punch, over which she has little control anyway because the myelinization process is moving very slowly.

Then the word "shower"; the baby may be getting "showered" with gifts, but aren't they really more for the mother? I guarantee Avey doesn't care what any of the stuff looks like, as long as she can get a hold of it and stick it in her mouth. Oh, and babies don't even shower for at least several months, they get sponge baths. I declare it should be called a "Shower of Gifts Upon a Future Mother". Thank you.

In any case, it was a very nice event, and several people came and were very generous with their gifting. Some of the big hits are shown. My beautiful, talented and virtuous mother made both the quilt and the booties pictured above. They are absolutely adorable and were the cause of much "ooh"-ing and "aah"-ing by the ladies. Much of her handiwork is available for purchase; see her link to the right (LoveLace Creations).

The above picture is a cake made out of diapers, several toys, and a baby food masher. Despite all of my begging, Kira wouldn't even let me take a bite, but instead took it apart and packed it away (sigh).

Now that I've mentioned packing, that was our activity yesterday. We came much farther than I expected and should be all set for our big move next weekend. Remember, if you're reading this and live within 50 miles of Provo, you are now legally obligated to come and help us. I'll let you know how it goes next week.

In the meantime, compare this to the photo of Kira in this same blouse in one of the earlier blogs (Ahh...Freedom!) and let us know if you think she's grown very much.

Sunday, August 19, 2007

A Brief Homecoming

Friday, I flew back home for several reasons:
1. I could
2. My little brother had just returned from a mission on Wednesday
3. Kira has taken several trips home without me, and it was my turn
4. My siblings and I had to experience "The Simpsons Movie" together
5. Once Avey's born, there's no way I'll get to take a trip out there alone

It was a nice trip, however brief, and I was impressed with both my mother's cooking and the amount of hair my little brother still has (we were expecting the worst).

The weather was phenomenal, with fairly warm days and then regular thunderstorms every night that cooled things down dramatically. Once again we see indisputable, scientific proof that Colorado is the promised land.

An interesting thing happened on the way back too. Standing in line, waiting to board the plane, I saw that an old coworker of mine from the mail room was there too with his family. We sat together and got caught up and then his parents gave me a ride from Salt Lake down to Provo, saving Kira the 2 hour trip, and us both the gas. Small world.

I thought I would have gotten some pretty sweet pictures while out there, but every time something happened, I had left the camera someplace else. Alas...

Sunday, August 12, 2007

Seeing is believing

Here is the customary photo of Kira. She was trying this dress on to see how it would fit. As you can see, it's a bit too tight, so she opted to wear something else.
She went to see the retinal specialist on Monday and got some more news about that. Apparently it's called central serous retinopathy. As I understand it, that's just a fancy way of saying she's got some fluid leaking and collecting in her retina. The good news is he thinks it will resolve itself a few months after giving birth, but the bad news is there's nothing we can do to improve her vision now. Luckily, she's far from being illegal to drive, and it's mostly just reading that is most difficult. And when will she ever need to read? She's been a very good sport about the whole thing, and is hanging in there for the next 8 weeks or so.

This week I heard that more babies are born nearer the full moon than away from it. I suppose that may make sense because of gravitational forces and such, but from the checking I've done, there's never been a scientific study showing significant increase in births around a full moon. Well, except for werewolf cubs, of course. In any case, the full moon is about a week before our expected delivery date. And we are hoping to have Avey join us out here a little early; mostly to help her dad's sanity with the GRE, but also because the sooner she is born, the sooner she'll move out (that's one of my subtle attempts at humor).

As far as work, I will be at least doubling my hours working for the research committee at my workplace beginning this week. It's my own fault really; the head of the committee said that I work very fast, efficiently, and that I think the way she does. Truly though, I am excited for it. I can really use this experience for graduate school and she's assured me she'll write a great letter of recommendation. Good things happening there.

Other than that, life is busy and wonderful. But mostly busy.

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Assorted Woes

Don't be too fooled by the title; this week wasn't really that bad. It's just that we're in a rather trying time for several reasons. We're moving in a month, so that's difficult in and of itself, but on top of that, I have to start pulling crap together for graduate school, and Kira is having some wild stuff going on with her eyes.

First off, grad school stuff: the biggest problem is deciding where I want to go. Most schools have around 100 applicants, but will accept around 7. So the odds aren't very good for anyone applying, and that means I have to apply to several schools to increase my chances of getting accepted anywhere. I feel I'm a pretty strong applicant, what with my experience with research, good GPA, fantastic recommendations from PhD.s, and my sweet car, but I have a couple of things that could be better. I feel I can improve my GRE math scores and my nun chuck skills are short of adequate. So I am scheduled to take the GRE again one week after we've moved. Another problem is that the psychology GRE is scheduled two days after Kira is due. Yeah, that's a little thing we psychology majors call "gambling". Anyway, lots to keep me awake at night there.

Now onto Kira's eyes: while we knew that pregnancy brings changes to prescription and general eyesight, for the past few weeks Kira has complained of a blurry spot in one eye and a yellow ring in her vision from the other eye. Although several people use varied chemicals to bring about similar results in their own bodies, Kira's is quite unwelcome and frankly, worrisome. She has seen an opthamologist, who said it was probably related to pregnancy, but didn't tell us much else. She has an appointment with some retinal specialist tomorrow and he should be able to give us some more answers. In the meantime, she's walking into things and people.

Avey had an interesting week. She spent most of it doing somersaults and cartwheels inside of her mother's womb, and she won the "Who Can Make Mommy Throw Up" contest once this week with a sneak attack. She's been enjoying the beautiful music by Bach that her dad plays for her most nights before bed, and is glad to be molded so early into a well-cultured patron of the finest German composer ever to take a quill to hand. Modesty, however, prevents her father from taking too much credit; after all, her mother doesn't protest the nightly concerts too much either.