Saturday, September 29, 2007

...thus Eli and Kira begat Avey

Avey Elaine Ricks joined the world on this day, September the 29th of 2007, at 10:14 am. In the above picture, she is approximately 15 minutes old. She weighed 6 lbs. 8 oz. and is 19 inches long.
The entire event turned out, in many ways, just as we'd planned. We did want it to happen this weekend, and we both got full work weeks in, I got out of teaching the lesson in Elders' Quorum this weekend, she's a September baby, and she's got everything where it's supposed to be!
In other ways, however, it did not go at all as planned. We made it through a long night and Kira decided it was probably time to head to her sister's place in Draper. On the way, she decided we should just go straight to the hospital; that ended up being a very smart move.
When she was checked, they were shocked to find little Avey's heartbeat at a soaring 185 bpm. Within 15 minutes, she was being prepared for surgery.
I was absolutely blown away at how calm she was through every step of it. She didn't panic, complain, or blame anyone. She was polite and patient with everyone and every step of the surgery.

Avey was delivered by cesarean section, and shortly after being wiped off, weighed and measured, was turning slightly blue. She was taken to the nursery and hooked up to some devices to measure the oxygen saturation of her blood. It was a little low, so they took the proper steps to give her some. She came very close to no longer needing the oxygen, but after two x-rays, two pediatricians, and a lot of waiting, we found that she has pneumonia.

The prognosis is very good; the biggest worry we had was her breathing rate- she was breathing twice what she should have. After another test, they found that her body was discarding the carbon dioxide at an equal rate, so toxicity was not an issue, but she would need to be on antibiotics for at least seven days.

That doesn't mean that she'll necessarily be in the hospital for that long, but we'll have to have someone come to our apartment periodically if she's discharged before that.

Kira is doing very well under the circumstances. She did let the emotion of it all sink in about an hour after it was all over, and we'll probably still feel the surprise and drama of the day for a long time to come, but her spirits are high and she is anxious to get healed and begin this new chapter of her life.

I am all but overcome with awe and the most humbling feelings I've ever known. The moment I saw her head emerge and her face twitching, I knew I would do absolutely anything for her.

I'm off to bed now, but more updates are forthcoming, along with better pictures when we can actually hold her again.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Taking Bets...

Well, from the looks of things little Avey could be coming any minute. Truth be told, we were a bit worried last Sunday that the time had already come. Kira was feeling a lot of pressure and possible contractions down South, and had that haunting feeling that our lives were about to become a whole lot more complicated. I usually get that feeling when I'm about to open a bill, but it doesn't come that often for Kira.
After many phone calls and a lot of last-minute preparation, absolutely nothing happened. Near as we can tell, it was just her body reacting to the loss of the (sorry for this...) mucous plug. So we still have some time.
How much time? That's for you to guess! We are now taking a poll of guesses for date and time of delivery. Just to get the ball rolling, here's mine:
I'm shooting for September 28, around 11pm. Hopefully that means I can come home from a regular work week, shower and eat, and right then Kira's water will break. And it's a week before the psychology GRE, so not at all conflicting.
There's my guess. Let's hear yours! The winner may be announced by next Sunday. AAAAaaaaahhhhh!

P.S. The estimated delivery date is October 4th.

Sunday, September 16, 2007


Yeah, that's right. You're lookin' at one dedicated father. This guy assembled his daughter's crib in about an hour and a half, and had to look at the directions only a few dozen times. And he did it all while listening to Radiohead. Now that's love!
My mother's quilt (the pinwheel design) and Kira's grandmother's crocheted afghan are the icing on the cake (or quilt in this case). They've made for an absolutely adorable getup and Avey will be sleeping in luxury for several months to come. Too bad she's too young to appreciate it.

Our other preparation stuff is that we received our camcorder this week. No, we haven't struck oil in our apartment, but this was just a very important thing to us. We look at it as an investment. In 35 years, when she becomes the first female president (that's right, Hilary. First.) everyone will want to see the footage of her face covered in spaghetti sauce and her hair intertwined with noodles at her high chair. I'm not going to film the labor, but I do want to catch her at just a couple of minutes old.
Our midwife appointment on Tuesday was rather interesting. We found out Kira's dilated to a 1+ and 80% effaced. Them's mighty big words, but they were enough to get us cracking a little harder at getting the hospital bag packed and all of our junk together. Her family has a history of relatively early and brief labors, so we are leaning toward the cautious side.
In other news, I was called as 2nd Counselor in the Elders' Quorum today. I have mixed feelings about it. I had the same calling a few years ago in my home ward, and it's not terribly intense, but I am still sad that I will never get to finish my tower of blocks without someone knocking it over. Well, maybe I can sneak the blocks into Elders' Quorum and build my tower in the back. Then again, a lot of the Elders are just as mature as their three-year-olds. Sigh. Looks like I'll never win.

Sunday, September 9, 2007

Days and Confused

Okay, I'll admit it's a pretty lame title. It's in reference to my work week. Because Monday was a holiday, Tuesday felt like the first day of the week, then Wednesday was Thursday's schedule because our normal Wednesday activity was going to take place on the following day (Thursday) rather than its normal day (Wednesday). Then, of course, came Friday. So in brief, my work week went in this order: Holiday, Monday, Thursday, Wednesday, Friday. Suffice it to say my head has been spinning quite a lot lately.

In other news, I retook the GRE yesterday. A practice test showed an 80 point increase from my first score, but when I took the real test, it was only 10 points above my original. I'm disappointed, but okay with it. My scores aren't terrible, I just don't feel like they reflect my abilities. The thing is, as a psychologist, I will never have to figure out how far train A got compared to train B, let alone figure it out in two minutes. So I still think I have potential as a psychologist.

We are slowly getting unpacked, we have another appointment with the midwife on Tuesday, and Kira and Avey are both doing as well as can be expected. She's gotten all of her clients ready to transfer for when the baby's born, and I'll start putting the crib together tomorrow. Pictures may accompany next week's entry!

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Ahh... the Joys of Moving

Warning: the following statement has been flagged with level 4 sarcasm. This rating of sarcasm is considered unsafe for those with humor impairments, women who are nursing or pregnant or who may become pregnant, and any member of the Vulcan race (see Star Trek nerds for details).

You know, moving may just be the greatest thing in the world. First, you get to take a careful inventory of everything you own, separate it, categorize it by size, shape, weight, and order in which you use it. Such a delight!

Next you get to pack all of that into cardboard boxes, labeling them all the while, and finding a place to stack them until the actual moving day comes. The rapture of it all!

Then comes the best part: the actual move. You get to haul all of your friends (soon to be former friends) and family over to your place (we baited ours with doughnuts) and get them to heft all of your worldly possessions to another dwelling. Our situation was particularly enjoyable because we went from a third floor to a third floor so that we could get an extra good work out on our knees. Does the magic never end?

After burning several hundreds of thousands of calories, your stuff is in your new place... somewhere. That's where you finally end the game by undoing all of your categorizing and packing and making a big mess of the new place! Could it get any better? The answer is no, it could not.