Sunday, January 27, 2008

Baking Battles

Last week at work a few emails were thrown around about a pot luck lunch. Somebody complimented somebody else about how good her brownies had tasted. Of course, that was the first I had heard of them, so I queried as to the purpose of said brownies, and was countered that they were not meant for me. Well, of course, I had to have revenge, so I baked up about 40 of my best cookies (yes, this is still Eli writing - he bakes) and took them in just to stir up doubt in everyone elses' baking skills. Let me just say, mission accomplished. However, the trash talking kept going, and apparently some of our coworkers didn't realize it was all in good fun. For example, in my email to inform everyone where the cookies were, I titled them "Better-than-anything-[coworker's name]-could-ever-bake-because-they're-so-good-you-need-a-twelve-step-program-just-to-stop-eating-them" cookies. Long story short: there was a lot of miscommunication, but it's all sorted out now, and my coworkers are all a little fatter thanks to me.
The big news of the week for me is that I was accepted into grad school! Yeah, I got a letter in the mail on Friday and they said I'm in - no interview necessary apparently. It's a great school, but I have a few months until I have to decide, so I'm going to wait to hear from the other schools too and then decide. In any case, I know I'm going to grad school in the Fall! WOOO HOOO!
The pictures are of Avey sucking her thumb. It's more adorable with the noise she makes.

I've also been on my own in teaching Tae Kwon Do half of this week and will be all of this next week. The instructor is on a cruise, so it's up to me. Both days went really well, so I'm not worried about this week too much.

Kira got a calling at church! It involves coordinating music and so she's really excited about it - especially because it's not terribly demanding; she's decided that being a mother takes up a lot of time. And once again, we've blown you all away with an incredibly informative and groundbreaking discovery. Inspired, aren't we?

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Another Week, Another Kick in the Gut

I should probably introduce the title before you start thinking I'm being domestically abused (but who says I'm not?). This week, I began teaching the Tae Kwon Do class at my work as the assistant instructor. Most of you probably didn't know that I have an orange belt in Tae Kwon Do - probably because I haven't taken a class since I was about nine years old. Yeah...
However, because the rest of the class consists of men with learning disabilities, and many of them have some difficulty with physical coordination, I fit right in. Well, that is, most of them are at about my belt level anyway, and I will advance to a belt above them shortly so that I truly am able to instruct. But the instructor got me started on the nun chucks and everything, so it's been a really fun week and I'm excited to get back into it.
On Friday, we did an exercise to practice taking a hit, and I got kicked in the ribs about 30 times. It wasn't too painful - just a conditioning thing.

Kira's been doing the "mom" thing, and Avey's been pretty good as usual. She finds her thumb easily now, so she's able to soothe herself a lot more. I should also mention that Kira takes most of the pictures that end up on this blog, so you have her to thank.

Dad got another cost-of-living raise at work, so that was awesome. Kira's sister came down from school for the long weekend and spent the night with us on Saturday. That's all the big news from this week. Thanks for reading!

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Rollin', rollin', rollin'

My incredibly intelligent and talented daughter rolled over on her own for the first time yesterday! Kira called me at work and told me that she put Avey down for "tummy time" and within just a few seconds, Avey had flipped onto her back! Just to make sure it wasn't a fluke, she did it twice more right then! Yes, just more proof that she is destined to be President of the United States (and possibly the world) someday. Maybe we can get it on video and post it soon!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Comparing Babies

Yes, we too are guilty of comparing babies. You parents out there know what I'm talking about; any time there's a baby around even remotely close to your child's age, you check them out to see just how cute they are, and then you immediately think of a dozen reasons your own baby is far cuter than the one in question.
Even if the other baby is really darn cute, full of hair, with bright eyes, blowing bubbles, smiling, making pouty lips - whatever - there is no way that he or she even holds a candle to your own.
Well, now we have actual photographic evidence that little Avey is, in fact, cuter than all y'alls' babies, and you're looking at it right now! That said, we mean no offense; most of your babies are cute enough, but c'mon! Look at that face!
Now see, even with a stream of drool about six inches long, she is just the essence of adorable!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Bad Hair Day

You'll probably have to click on the above picture to get the full effect. Notice how her cowlick collides with the rest of her hair as it is trying to grow forward and together they form a branch that sticks out at a 135 degree angle. You could measure it with a protractor, trust me.

Aside from the hair that just won't behave, Avey has (and, therefore, her parents have) had a bit of a tough week. Mom has been down with a slight cold for a little while and Avey finally caught it. She had a slight fever and a stuffy nose on Friday. She felt bad enough to avoid napping at all costs and wail like a banshee if Mom or Dad tried to sit down while holding her.
She's feeling (and napping) much better now though.

She's mastered her vowels, or so it must seem to her, because now she has moved on to practicing her consonants. Instead of saying long sentences like, "Ooohh, OOOOh, AAaooooh...", she's moved onto shorter phrases like, "Aggg." She'll throw in an occasional raspberry too, all the while blowing bubbles with her ample supply of drool; "Pppppbbbb..." and so on.

Although not as exciting as drool and raspberries, Kira's last day of work was Friday and Dad got a 5% raise at work!