Sunday, February 24, 2008

Shamed by a 10-Year-Old

Avey recently found her feet and has been playing with them at every diaper change. Here's a nice shot of her munching on her own toes. I can barely reach mine... Notice her wild hair. It's doing more of that the longer it gets.

Well, I have an embarrassing story, and I thought, "Why not post it on the Internet so the entire world can see?" So here you go...

Today I was a sub in the primary and to keep them all entertained we played a form of jeopardy. We made teams, not that the points meant anything, but just to make it interesting. I was Alex Trebek as well as the scorekeeper, which must have been too much for me to handle, because near the end of the first game, I decided to add up the teams' points so they could see how well they were doing. I added the first team's: 200+300+200+300. Somehow, I came up with a grand total of 900 points. Six other adults in the room, and who figures out my mistake but a 10-year-old kid in the back row. With the simple phrase, "Hey, that's a thousand," any dignity I had remaining went right out the window.

Now I'm having nightmares about Avey needing help with her addition homework in 1st grade, and me taking one look at the paper and my head exploding.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Nunchucks and Grad Schools

Well, the polls are in, and I am officially going to the University of Colorado in Colorado Springs. Unfortunately, this is somewhat by default, as all the other schools "regret[ed] to inform [me]..." blah blah blah. But hey, that's cool. I'm just glad the first letter I got was an acceptance, and we get to move back home!

For you avid readers out there, here's a little update on Avey's sleep; for most naps, she goes down without any crying. In fact, sometimes when we lay her down, she'll calm down even more, as if she had been waiting for us to do it. She still cries through some occasional naps, but overall is much much better.
We thought we should document this though. Whenever Avey eats, she's sure to fumble around until she's got her hand in Kira's mouth. It's absolutely hilarious to watch, though it drives Kira nuts...

Some other fun news is that Eli finally has nunchuck skills! For Tae Kwon Do, I've had to get familiar with them in order to teach, and made enough progress that Kira even got me my own pair for Valentine's Day. I know: romantic. We split class on Friday and I taught the lower belts nunchucks while the instructor taught the higher belts the bo staff. It went very well and they're surprisingly fun when I'm not hitting myself.

We had a quiet Valentine's Day. Dad worked, Mom took care of the little one. Mom dropped in on Dad at work and said hi for a minute, and Dad got a heart-shaped pizza for dinner. We spent the rest of the evening trying to get Avey to sleep, so we'll probably do something fun this Monday (holiday). Stay tuned for more Ricks adventures...

Sunday, February 10, 2008

How Far We've Come

Can you believe that Avey used to look like this: And now she looks like this?
It's absolutely amazing how much can happen in under 5 months! Our little girl went from a teeny, squashed little poop machine with pneumonia to a slightly bigger, pinker, laughing, smiling, moving poop machine. And she just keeps on growing...
This week we were faced with a dilemma; she had started this thing where she would be tired, but not want to sleep, so she would just cry and cry until finally falling asleep. No matter how much we tried to console her and calm her down, it seemed that she could not be soothed. Kira has been reading a book about babies' sleep and it suggests extinction, which is where we lay her in her crib and let her cry it out for a few nights until she learns to put herself to sleep. Because it seemed that we were not really helping by rocking her anyway, we decided to try it.

We prepped ourselves as best we could and let her go. After an hour and lots of tears from all of us, she was out. The next day she went down very smoothly for her naps also, but after a couple of days, she cried a full hour, getting no nap at all. We were starting to think we are the cruelest parents ever and that Avey will never forgive us, but yesterday she fell asleep for a nap after only 3 minutes of crying. So it looks like we're making good progress.

You'd think we'd be sleeping better now too, but you'd be wrong. We went to a Valentine's dance yesterday and didn't get to bed until late, and then were both up before the sun to get ready for church and other various meetings. Maybe we'll get a nap in while Avey's down today...

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Always the Showoff

Last night, Dad had to go in to work late from 7 to 9. He had to present the findings of the research he and the research team had conducted and so, because that's just about as close to a date as Mom and he get nowadays, Mom and Avey came along.

Avey, who thrives on being the center of attention, felt that what she had to say was just as important as (if not more than) what Dad had to say. So she sat with Mom and flirted and talked with everyone around her until Mom had to take her out, missing a chunk of what Dad had to say.

Of course, she was a big hit and everyone commented on how adorable she is. She gave just about everyone a smile who would even glance in her direction. Then, as soon as we got home, she didn't want to go to sleep, but was so very tired. Here's an artist's rendition:

This just convinces me more that she is destined to be a politician: she's all about the show, puts on her best behavior in public, easily woos the crowds, but then in the privacy of her home finally shows her true colors.

That, and she does a whole lot of talking but doesn't say anything.