Sunday, March 30, 2008

10 Reasons I Wish I Were 6 Months Old

Yes, Avey reached the 6 Month Mark this week. She's still full of surprises, and gets cuter every day, as you can track from the pictures. As I was holding her today, I thought of a few reasons I am jealous of her age. Here they are in no particular order:

1. I could comfortably reach my big toe to my mouth; not that I would ever actually stick it in there, I'd just like to be able to without tearing several muscles and their respective ligaments. Observe my daughter: 2. Although I still wouldn't stick my big toe in my mouth, I'd like the license to do it and still be cute. Avey demonstrates below:

3. I'd like it to be cute to have bald spots and thinning hair that just won't behave. Notice the following:
4. I also wish it was cute and healthy to be pudgy in my cheeks and belly. I wish strangers I met on the street would praise me for my gut and rounding face. Although I have to admit that I would not like getting either of them pinched (hint, hint).
5. I would absolutely love to get 12 hours of sleep (sometimes more) every day! I cannot express how much better I could function if I got encouraged to nap, cuddled up in a warm blanket, laid down in my very own bed, and left alone with a mobile of brightly colored insects rotating around my head playing the same 20 second tune over and over again. Talk about paradise!
6. Four words: 5 Meals Every Day! I'm lucky if I get two solid meals in on a daily basis. Don't forget either; all she gets is dairy. It's like her entire diet consists of cheesecake and ice cream.
7. No obligations. No bills to pay, no debt, no deadlines, no expectations. She works at her own pace and if we push her beyond what she wants to do, she just whines a little bit and gets what? Another meal or a nap!
8. No need to be polite. All the unwritten social rules go out the window. If she wants to drool down her dress, nobody looks at her funny. If she wants to turn red loading up her diaper while six people are looking on, she's got full license to do so. Doesn't matter if we're out on a walk, at a restaurant, or at a wedding reception. She does what she feels like.
9. She's happy with the simple things. All she needs is a nap, full tummy, and something (and I mean anything) to chew on. It could be a finger, a book, a piece of lint she found on the floor, her very own toe, etc. This is all she needs to be fully content.
10. And finally, I would love to get an entirely new wardrobe every two weeks. I have some shirts I still wear that are six years old. I'm not kidding: six. The saddest part is some of you have probably thought I should have gotten rid of them three years ago. Well, at least I don't drool down the front of them... too much.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Seeing Double

Don't adjust your screen! This is not an illusion; you really are looking at two baby Aveys! It's true! Kira's cousin had a baby girl in January and named her Avey also. Small world? Well, not if it's your grandmother's name. So now Avey has a slightly younger relative with her same name.
Now get ready to really get weirded out... Her first son is named Eli. No joke. Best name ever, I know.
We spent Easter Sunday with their family up in good ol' Tooele (pronounced Too-ill-ah, for those of you who have not spent much time in Utah). It was quite a nice trip and fun to get out of town for a bit. We haven't really had a road trip since before Avey (our Avey) was born.

That was also the reason I did not post this yesterday. We didn't get home until pretty late and I was really tired and feeling lazy. My brain has felt like it wants to be unplugged for about a week now. Luckily, though, this week at work will be much more chilled out than those past. We're almost done writing that article, and I don't have Tae Kwon Do for the next two weeks.

We have had quite the project in the greenhouse, though. We're planting plugs. For those of you who have thumbs of any color but green, that's where you mix big barrels full of mud, slap it into those little planting squares, poke holes in it with your finger, and pop in the little baby flowers. It's quite messy, hot, and humid in the greenhouse, but it's good for the soul to see every square inch covered in blooming pansies in a couple of weeks. I'll have to post a picture of that when it happens.

That's my end in a nutshell. Thanks for reading. My ego thrives on it!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Spread Thin

Seeing as I just added pictures to my last post, I think I'll skip them this week. Well, I can't resist. Here's one more: Nice comb-over, eh?

On to the blogging... do you ever find yourself spread too thin at times? What I mean by that is that all of a sudden, all these obligations pop up out of nowhere or start colliding with each other and you feel like you need a personal assistant, or some sort of seeing eye/English speaking/licenced to drive/can bench press 150 lbs./knows Tae Kwon Do dog or monkey to help out. Or maybe I just need more hours in the day; well, not so much the day as just the weekends.

Here's my story: this weekend, the Elders' Quorum needed 28 volunteers total. We needed the church cleaned, help for a family that was moving, and a set up/take down/and food service for the RS birthday celebration. I signed up to help move the family... to be continued...
Work has started piling up a lot too. On top of all of my usual duties, I am attempting to learn white belt through blue belt in Tae Kwon Do all at once, including learning some Korean vocabulary, and I've begun the initial literature review for the article I am coauthoring about the research we did this year. Oh, P.S., the deadline for that is in a week. This is the first time I've had homework since December of '06! I'm also trying to contact a whole bunch of electronics suppliers to sell some excess inventory my employer has (you wouldn't be interested).
Accompanying all of these obligations, I've got a wife and daughter that must feel neglected while I'm off juggling the other stuff. Not to mention, we're trying to get ready to move out of the state in a few months and don't yet have a place to live!
So the stress has been piling up here for while, and I was looking forward to the weekend. That's where the story continues. Out of the 28 volunteer slots we had, 3 were filled. Of course, being in the presidency, that meant the responsibility fell back on our shoulders, and I spent time Friday night and then all Saturday morning "volunteering".
Now, I know most of you out there do a lot more than I on a regular basis, but you're also a whole lot more awesome. Thanks for letting me whine a little.
P.S. Don't forget to wear green tomorrow!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Upgrades and Updates

This week was full of upgrades and updates. Here they are, in no particular order:

1. My complooter came on Friday, and I've been playing with it ever since! The Latitude D530 is much nicer than my Inspiron 1000 from the stone age (5 years ago), and now I'm just waiting on some software upgrades to come in the mail. Graduate school won't know what hit it!
2. Speaking of grad school, I was notified of another upgrade in our financial situation; I received a pretty hefty scholarship for my first year! Cha-ching! It will really help to balance out the fact that I was classified as a non-resident of Colorado (tuition is much, much higher). I also applied for a fellowship grant and should hear back on that in the next couple of weeks. In the meantime, if anyone knows of some cheap/free housing in the Springs, let me know.
3. We also updated our family image this week. We got much-needed family photos done yesterday. In most of them, Avey looks absolutely adorable, Kira looks like a model, and I look like a fat old man who hasn't slept in weeks. Still, I'm glad we got them done. We haven't had professional photos since our wedding.

4. I finally had a part repaired on my car that has been waiting to get done for at least a year and a half. One fine morning, I started up the ol' car, pulled on the shifter to get out of park, and the whole thing felt way loose. I took it apart and found that the shifter was cracked. How that happened, I'll never know, but I was able to rig it up so that it would work as long as we didn't push the center button. What was worse is that Chevy hadn't made that part in a couple of decades. I finally tracked one down in a junkyard in Ohio and had it put in on Saturday. It feels so nice to have that finally fixed!
5. Finally, Kira and I went on our first real date since before Avey was born. An old roommate of Kira's babysat for us and we went out to one of our favorite restaurants, Goodwood Barbecue. Mmmmm boy, it was nice!

More adventures to come...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

5 Months

More pictures from the same series, but c'mon, how could I not? Avey turned 5 months old on Friday! My goodness, how she's grown! We didn't really do anything special for it, unless you count putting her to bed and then Mom and Dad staying up until 1 in the morning to catch up on American Idol (we taped it for the soul purpose of not having to watch the commercials).
But of course, we did spend several minutes playing with her and Dad kissed her little cheek until his lips were sore and chapped. It was a fun day.

Other than that, we've been pretty busy spending our tax return this week. Dad talked Mom into letting him buy a new computer in preparation for graduate school (nice excuse, right?), so he spent about a week researching out what he wanted and finding good deals. He decided once and for all and ordered a laptop on Friday night. He's almost as excited for it to arrive as he was for Avey to arrive.

Dad also heard about a sweet deal for any student who has an email account ending in ".edu". If that sounds like you, click here for more details.

We had a bit of a scare yesterday when Mom left Dad and Avey to help out her sister for a while half an hour away. Like a good girl, Avey went down for a nap like normal while Dad worked on some projects. She woke up an hour later and was due to eat, so Dad warmed up some milk and tried to feed her. The key word here is "tried". She absolutely refused. She's taken a bottle before, but this time would hear nothing of it. She whined for an hour and a half and probably got down about a milliliter. She is such a princess sometimes - everything has to be just so. It's a good thing she's as ridiculously cute as she is.

More updates to come...