Monday, May 26, 2008

Long Weekend, Long Drive

Is there anything better than a 3-day-weekend? Of course! A 4-day-weekend! But we didn't get one of those, did we? I still really like the extra day off, though. As a sort of default vacation spot, my siblings still living at home made the drive out here with my dad to visit. That was quite enjoyable and Avey put on some pretty good performances including clapping for the first time! As part of the family togetherness, we drove up to the Hogle Zoo and saw the sights and smelled the smells (that second part wasn't too pleasant). The bad part was getting there; we took about 6 wrong turns trying to find it and spent probably a whole extra half hour getting there. But the weather was perfect.
We visited some of Kira's departed relatives in the nearby cemetery today and have been taking it pretty easy otherwise.
We hope you've all enjoyed the holiday. Try not to cry tomorrow when it's all over.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Typical Week

Well, it was really kind of a boring week full of the same old stuff: sleeping a little, eating too much, working hard, hardly working, changing diapers, smearing food all over Avey's face while she dodges our advances, etc (here's a shot of her goatee made of squash). I must say though, there is comfort in routine. There's something about no longer expecting to sleep adequately... at least it's better than disappointment. Though it really hasn't been that bad; I'm just really tired right now. A couple of nights ago, Avey actually slept 9-6 and then again from about 7 to 10am. "Oh, what would that be like?" he asked rhetorically as he typed.

Just a heads up - we saw Leatherheads yesterday. Meh. Very very meh.

But how about The Office Season Finale? Maybe that's why I couldn't sleep last night.

Okay, now I'm just rambling. Is it rambling when you're typing it, or is rambling only when it's verbal? Hmmm...

Oh, here's some news: that research paper I co-authored has now been submitted for publication! Yahoo (the exclamation, not the trademark)!

I promise I'll have more exciting stuff soon. Really.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

First Official Mother's Day

I suppose the good news of the week is that we got our share of the economic stimulus package, and it was quite a bit more than we expected. We've started discussing which debt we want to put it toward: current or future. We might hold on to just a little bit for something fun though. Which reminds me of one of my favorite lines from The Simpsons; Marge is arguing with herself about buying a very expensive dress and she really just can't justify it. Then she comes up with a great reason; "It'll be good for the economy," she says. Needless to say, that ends up being my justification for a lot of purchases. What can I say? I just love my country so much.
Feeding is going much better for the three of us! Avey has started to cooperate as much as she can right now. It's pretty funny to watch actually. Imagine trying to feed a blind man spaghetti using only chopsticks. That's kind of what it looks like. The mess it makes is comparable anyway. Little Avey aims her mouth up and flaps her tongue around trying to get little tastes of the food while Mom and Dad are landing most of it down her chin. But she's making faces of less disgust and actually got a few good swallows in this week. Before we know it she'll be making breakfast for us...
Today was Kira's first Mother's Day as a real bona fide mother. What must that be like? I wouldn't know. You'll have to ask her. What's it like being married to a real mother? Now that, I can answer. It's great! As most mothers, Kira is a very selfless and thoughtful person and makes it clear that our daughter's well-being and health is a priority. She shows her love through words as well as countless hours feeding, cleaning, rocking, soothing, and playing with Avey. She's given up her work and a lot of her free time and freedom to dedicate her life to a child. Charity is something she shows every minute of every day through our beautiful daughter.
I, of course, having had one of the greatest mothers of all time, understand the humongous blessing it is to have such charity in the home all the time. Good work, all you mothers out there. Keep it up.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Vote for Avey!

Vote for Avey as the cutest baby by clicking here.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Food, Glorious Food...

You guessed it; Avey tried food out for the first time this week. It was quite the experience buying the zucchini, peeling it, chopping it up and then blending it all (I watched while Kira did all the work). Avey was, of course, thrilled at all the goings on just for her... We put on her plastic bib that was way too big for her and looked more like a breastplate a very flamboyant knight might have worn (did I mention it was pink?).

Then came the moment of truth. Mom spooned the first taste of real food (if you can call zucchini "food") into her mouth.
For the first bite, her expression was of caution and some interest. The second and third bites, she scrunched her face up in disgust: the kind of face you or I would make if somebody put a live worm in our mouths. I think she likes zucchini about as much as I do.

The hilarious thing to me is that she makes it her business to stick everything in her mouth. She is a connoisseur of the flavors of all things non-edible. To my knowledge, she hasn't tried anything she's found that she hasn't liked. But of course, when we give her something that is actually food, and that she's supposed to eat, she acts like we're feeding her, well, a pine cone.