Sunday, September 28, 2008

1st Birthday!

...Avey is so thoughtful. She had to make sure everyone else tried her cake before she did.

Thanks to very generous relatives, she made quite the haul. Her real birthday is tomorrow, of course, but it looked like today would be the best day for everyone to get together. And Avey loves a crowd, especially when all the attention is on her.

She is definitely developing more of a personality lately. And that personality is stubborn! If she doesn't want to sleep or eat, she will put up the fight of her life. But she's also learning a lot, too. This week she learned "button", "bow", and the below picture was taken when she learned "hat". It's part of a Halloween costume we pulled out of a box to see how she measured up. Man, does she frighten my socks off...

Kira and I had a busy Sunday singing in my parents' ward, and both teaching the lessons during the third hour of church, then getting everything ready for the party. We're both exhausted now, which may explain why this post is so poorly organized, and ends so abruptly.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Super Mom & Dad

...Or at least striving to be. Mom, because she had her first client this week! She did much better than she expected and is very excited to use her degree once again. She also went water skiing for the first time in years on Saturday and got up on the second try (that's on only one ski)! What a woman!

That makes Dad super (by default anyway) because he got to spend lots and lots of quality time with whom we affectionately call "The Princess" while Mom was gone. She first came to campus with Dad because he had a meeting with all of the clinical students. She was very well received (and she would expect nothing less) and very well-behaved. We had the most fun in a stairwell playing with our echos.

For some reason, though, Avey thinks that Dad putting her down for a nap does not mean anything close to Mom putting her down for a nap. With Mom, it's nap time. With Dad, it's party time. Saturday night she had some problems too. It looked a little something like this:

Hence "The Princess". It is her bidding that we stay up and party, so her will must be done. I've come to the sad realization in the last three days that Avey outsmarts me left and right all the time. When feeding her (attempting, anyway), if she decides the winter squash is not to her liking, she merely sticks her thumb in her mouth. That's it; it's over, man. Check...mate. I just sit there in the chair in front of her holding the teeny plastic spoon with a glob of squash slowly getting cold, wondering what on earth to do with the situation. I try putting the spoon to her mouth anyway, but sure enough, that hand is still there and I just get squash on her sleeve. After several failed attempts at giving her examples of how to eat, coming in at different angles, trying logic and rhetoric (when I'm really desperate), etc., she feels sorry for me and takes her thumb out of her mouth to allow in a few more bites. "Thank you, oh merciful one... I'm not worthy..."

I need to find that wee little research journal of hers to figure out her plans.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Fun With Words

Avey has been doing a lot of work on words lately. Here's a brief video to demonstrate some of her progress:

Notice how she can say the "duh" sound and the "k" sound, but won't put them together to say "duck". Also, her "duck" sounds a lot like her "dog" and sometimes she confuses "dog" and "daddy". I try not to take offense though.

Sometimes I think Avey is just running experiments on us and is a better psychologist than I will ever be. I imagine that she wakes up from naps and, before making a sound, starts taking down notes in a wee little journal she keeps hidden from us. I imagine her entries going something like this:

September 14, 2008 - day 351 - I've decreased my father's hours of consecutive sleep time to 4 and, thus far, he has shown decreased cognitive ability in almost all areas. He maintains simple tasks, but at key times of the day (particularly after meals) enters an almost zombie-like state, sometimes even drooling while staring off into space. These findings are most encouraging for my future plans to have complete control over him. Mother's tolerance is much higher for lack of sleep, though she continues to demonstrate intriguing spouts of grumbling and shouting the longer I refuse to eat. Her behavior has become very predictable. Father will go to great lengths attempting to (what he calls) "distract" me while mother tries to feed me. He does things that would otherwise be considerably embarrassing. My next experiment will involve randomized bursts of mania coupled with almost simultaneous whining. Hypothesis - mother will attempt to put me down for a nap whilst father will attempt to cheer me up with one of his ridiculous games, then pull out the camcorder during a manic burst. Results to follow tomorrow.

She plays ignorant, but I'm slowly catching on.

Friday, September 5, 2008

My Deepest Apologies

I have recently become aware of some horrible grammatical errors in a few of my past posts. I apologize for any offense I may have caused and I assure you, I do care. I just noticed today that in my last entry, I spelled "ought" o-u-t. Lord knows how I missed that. I also just fixed "bare with us" to the correct "bear with us". I also apologize in advance for any future errors. Please let me know, keep reading, and have patience (not patients) with me.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Never Fails

So it was the first week of school, right? In case you didn't know, that also means that it's the worst week of the year. All of these things that could go wrong wait around for a while until the first week of school, and then they pounce on you!
Monday was pretty good - met some more classmates, met the professor with whom I'll be doing research, etc. Tuesday I woke up feeling really achy, knowing I was probably coming down with something. Not wanting to miss my first class and leave an everlasting impression, however, I went to school to tough it out through the 2 and a half hour class. By the end of the class, I knew I was in trouble. I stood up to leave and while walking through the hall, I got way dizzy and felt like I had been running at full speed for the entire class. I opted to go home for the rest of the day.
The problem with that is that I already had a ton of reading to catch up on and I instead spent the rest of the day on the couch watching shows like American Justice and Cold Case Files. I had a fever of 101.3 and couldn't do much of anything. Kira took excellent care of me - making me soup, taking care of Avey by herself, checking my temperature, telling me it was okay to rest, etc.
Wednesday, I was feeling much better, but still very tired. I went to class and did some of the other reading to get more caught up.
Thursday was probably worse than a fever. It was the day we were to get our Internet set up; our modem arrived in the mail and there was an instruction sheet telling me to first call Comcast. This is where everything went horribly wrong. To make a ridiculously long story painfully short, after being transferred about 9 times, waiting on hold for a total of over 2 hours, making a trip to the local Comcast store, waiting in their line for a good half hour, going back home, and calling Comcast again to wait 20 minutes just to be transferred yet again and be told that I was not eligible for the price I had agreed to ("Oh, it's in the fine print."), I have decided never ever to attempt to do business with that company again. Comcast is now on my blacklist, right below Wells Fargo (that's a story for another time).
So the inevitable consequence of that is that we still do not have Internet in our home. We feel cut off from the world in a very strange way. I at least get it at school, but poor Kira can't even check her email or the weather. I set something up with another company, though, and this should have us set up by the end of this week. Keep your fingers crossed and maybe I can get some adorable pictures up.
In the meantime, this week ought to be much better. For starters, I don't have classes today or Tuesday! I love Labor Day!