Sunday, November 23, 2008

The Giving of Thanks

I have a lot to be thankful for. We all do, probably, but I am really thankful for a special time of year dedicated to reflecting on this simple fact. The Thanksgiving Holiday is not just a time of Turkey carcases, football, pies, stuffing, and great shopping (although I'm thankful for all of these things as well). But it's a time to think of how great we really have things. For example, Avey is thankful for teething tablet mustaches... I've said some of these before, but I am thankful for every one of them, in no particular order:

1. Everyone I know (above a certain age) can read.
2. We are all in relatively good health.
3. Chocolate, in all forms.
4. Avey calls me, clear as day, "Daddy".
5. I know who my parents are, and I know they both wanted me and planned to have me.
6. I've never broken a bone.
7. My family will never have to go hungry.
8. I've never lost a close family member.
9. I am loved.
10. Clean water.
11. All the knowledge we have.
12. Music, except for country.
13. I've never been in a natural disaster.
14. My daughter's deep-belly laugh.
15. My wife treats me with respect and dignity.
17. I just skipped number 16, and no one can do anything about it.
18. Avey will know Bach, Handel, Dvorjak, and all the greats.
19. I can talk to almost anyone in the world with ease, thanks to technology.
20. My daughter can be anything she wants.

I could go on for hours, of course, but here are just a few to get warmed up. I hope we all take a few minutes and do this kind of thing this week, and every other week for the rest of our lives. Happy Thanksgiving!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Walk This Way

Avey has been working on building up the courage to walk for quite some time now. She's walked around holding onto furniture, our fingers, our pant legs, walls, and anything else, and can stand up for several minutes at a time. But for some reason, she just doesn't want to take steps unsupported (physically, not emotionally). For several weeks, she's looked about like this:
Her record so far is 6 consecutive steps. We're sure that if she just decided she could do it, she'd be all over the place getting into who-knows-what. But for now, she's content with getting around under the support of others.
I guess that's cool. For one, we don't really need to chase her all over the place any more than we already do. Two, before long she won't want me to carry her, so I'd better soak it up while I can. And third, even though she can do it on her own, I'm glad she seeks the readily available supports. We Americans are so focused on independence and doing it ourselves that we sometimes isolate ourselves. I'm glad to see Avey doesn't mind admitting that she's not quite ready.
And before we know it, she'll be walking all over us.

Sunday, November 9, 2008


I decided not to write "Happy" before the title because I turned 27 on Friday. That means I'd might as well be 30. What a scary thought...
As depressing as it is, Kira did her best to welcome me gently into the club (she's been a member for a few months now) by letting me sleep in until 7:30, making me a spectacular breakfast, buying me a comfy shirt, and ordering me to not do any homework all weekend. I got some nice cards and phone calls as well, and my dear mother made me a special dinner tonight with the rest of my family in town. It was a wonderful birthday, truth be told.
Kira also surprised me on Wednesday on campus by bringing Avey and some wicked-delicious eclairs from a dutch bakery nearby. I'm a very vain person when it comes to my daughter, so the best present was getting to show her off to my classmates again. On that note, here are some videos. The first one is Avey demonstrating her newest and most impressive word, "Tylenol".
We never practiced it with her, we just told her what it is when she would point at it and she said it one day.
This next one is her impression of a cow.
"Moo" indeed, Avey.

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Check out what we found in our front yard one morning this week! There were four of them eating crab apples and grass, and close enough to spit on from our window. Kira thought quick and whipped out the camera. It was kind of funny, because her dad just went Elk hunting and didn't see a thing. We let these guys pass through unharmed though.

Halloween was fantastic this year. I think mostly because it was the warmest one I've ever experienced in Colorado. It was around 70 degrees all day!
As you can see, I forgot to wear a costume.

She looks very serious, doesn't she? It's not because she's embarrassed, but mostly because she's tired. She had skipped her afternoon nap to Father's dismay.
After she was in bed, we watched an old Hitchcock film, Dial "M" for Murder. Pretty stupid title, but I was totally unprepared for all the suspense in the film. I highly recommend it.
We had no trick-or-treaters all night, which left more candy for my little brother and me. We worry about poor Avey, who probably wonders about everybody's sanity after the display of makeup and funny clothes. She witnessed my mother putting mascara on my little brother's face (who was going as Chuck Norris), and saw witches and werewolves all over the place. Of course, after she woke up, she probably thought it was all a dream.