Sunday, February 22, 2009

Shoe Shopping

Avey has been overdue for some good walking shoes for a couple of weeks now. Her shoes are only a couple of months old, but lately it's been like trying to squeeze luggage into the overhead bins - it just ain't gonna happen. So after we had a disappointing search at Walmart (nothing left but Sunday shoes), Avey and I went to the mall.

I quickly realized that Avey LOVES shoe shopping. I tried one shoe on her and she said, "Walk!" So I set her down and she strolled around a bit, feeling it out, probably amazed that her feet weren't numb from lack of circulation. She then picked out another shoe from the rack and brought it to me. Of course, it was 3 or 4 sizes too big, but the girl knows what she likes. I found it in her size and we tried that on and she again said, "Walk!" And this continued until we found a nice pair that are just a bit big for now, but ought to last her a while.

I am continually amazed at how fast she is learning and growing! Through her obsession with videos of herself, I've always got a younger version of her to compare her to and it amazes me how far she's come in such a short time. I often wish I could learn as quickly as she. It's been weeks since I've learned a new word.

Sunday, February 15, 2009


If some of you are ignorant of Greek mythology, please allow me to familiarize you with a man named Narcissus (for a more complete, much more disgusting story, click here).
Narcissus was a total stud muffin back in the day. All the ladies loved him. One of them, who was really hot, built up the guts to go and ask Narcissus for his phone number. Narcissus wasn't really impressed and told her he was busy washing his hair that Friday and every other Friday for the rest of her life. She was understandably really insulted by this, so she had a good cry for a long time. Nemesis (Greek goddess of getting back at jerks) saw what went down and thought she'd teach Narcissus a lesson, so made him fall in love with his own reflection when he saw it in a pool of water. Narcissus spent the rest of his life by that pool, reaching for his reflection, but every time he would touch the water, his reflection would become disturbed, so he was never able to embrace his beautiful self. How do you like them apples, Narcissus?

Now why do I tell you this? I think Avey may have a little case of narcissism herself. Here she is, stuck at the water's edge:

The other day when I was home with her, she must have watched videos of herself for a full 4 hours during the day. I can barely stand to look at myself in the mirror to shave every morning. Now, Avey's cute - don't get me wrong. I just wonder if it's good for her to realize how cute she is so early in life. This kind of thing is probably okay at her age, but I keep getting this image in my mind of when she's 16 and she insists that we all gather around and watch the video of her small part in her high school play - every night for months at a time. She'll grow out of it, right?

Kira's brother and his fiance are in town over the weekend, so we've had some fun with them, though it's been far too short. We attended a wedding for an old high school friend and saw a lot of people we haven't seen for a long time - that was awesome! School's been busy, Kira's job has been very busy, and my parents' divorce became legal and final on Thursday. Life just doesn't seem to slow down for a minute!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Adventures with Teething

Avey has had a rough time this week with her teeth. Those things are popping up all over the place now, with at least one molar poking through and two new top teeth from what we can tell. We're hoping those top ones will help a lot with her lisp. She's had a hard time saying words that begin with "s" and when they're in the middle of a word, she does a really hard "th". "Jesus" becomes "Jethuth", "Missy" (my mom's cat) becomes "Mithy" and so on.

It's got to be quite the experience to get teeth when you've never had them before. Avey constantly pokes her hands in my mouth to check out my chompers with a deep curiosity. I wonder if she puts the sensations in her mouth together with what she sees in my mouth and figures she'll have teeth like mine one day - I guess I don't blame her for her sudden bursts of crying.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

A Thousand Words Are Worth A Lousy Picture

So much for getting back later in the week. We got the hard drive on Tuesday and it was pretty simple to get installed and running, but the stupid thing was how long it took to get all of our software and programs loaded back on. We're mostly glad that we had all of our stuff backed up so we didn't lose any pictures or videos of Avey (I wouldn't mind losing all the ones we have of me). So if you don't have an external hard drive, buy one now!

School is back up in full swing now and I've got projects pending. If anyone knows somebody between ages 6 and 16, I need two of them who want to know their IQ (and don't mind me knowing) for my cognitive assessment class. Send them on over.

I'm getting excited for my trip to Salt Lake City in a few weeks. It'll be good to see my old friends from work. I don't know how much time the conference is going to take up, so I'm trying not to make promises I can't keep on meeting up with all our old friends. I know you all miss Avey more than me, but she'll be out there in April for a wedding, so maybe we can hook up then! 

Sorry there's no new video this week. Avey is obsessed with watching videos of herself, so I want to try to get her watching herself and post that. Maybe I can get her really confused about it and she'll stop caring.