Sunday, March 29, 2009

Spring Break!

Woo HOO! It was Spring Break this week. Two problems with that, though; it wasn't exactly Spring, and it wasn't exactly a break.
Let's begin with the break. I am one of those types who feels guilty and can't sleep at night if there is some assignment looming over my head and I'm not working on it right that second. I have never had the need for a day planner, because as soon as something is assigned to me it won't leave me alone for a second until it's turned in. So on Monday I decided to go to campus and spend the day working on some assignments that will soon be due. The day was lost to statistics and recruitment for research, but the evening was pretty good celebrating my dad's birthday with family. 

Tuesday we had planned on getting stuff done that was long overdue here at the house. I thought I could get the oil changed pretty quick and the whole thing ended up taking about two hours (that's for another post). So Kira and I didn't get started on sorting and storing Avey's old clothes until late and it ended up being a huge project, but did we really think it would be anything but? It lingered into Wednesday.
I did manage to go shooting with my siblings and dad Wednesday afternoon, so I can't say the whole day was work even though we were planning on having the whole day to play.
Now onto why it wasn't Spring; Thursday rolled around and Kira had to cancel all of her appointments for work because of a huge blizzard that greeted us. By about noon, we were all stuck inside. 
Friday was a work day for Kira, so Avey and I got some great Daddy-Daughter time, as you can see in the video above. Kira and I did get a date that evening, leaving my little sis' to comfort Avey when she woke up. 
So I guess the whole week wasn't lost. It was more of a break than school, but less of a break than sleep. Ahh... sleep. I guess that's what I was hoping to get more of over the "break". I think the concept has become foreign to both Kira and me. 
Maybe next year...

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Poop and the Peak

I've lived in Colorado Springs for most of my life, yet most people are amazed at some of the things I've never done. For example, I've never been snow-skiing. See? If this weren't a blog, I'd have a whole bunch of stones hurling at me right now.
The other big taboo is that I had never been to Pike's Peak until yesterday! As you can see from our faces, it was quite cold and windy up there. I don't know who decided to put the summit at the very top of the mountain, but it seems like it would have made a lot more sense to put it at the bottom!
The view was beautiful, but we spent most of our time in the souvenir shop to stay out of the cold and to try to fight off the nausea and dizziness from the lack of oxygen. Now I know why I'm not supposed to hold my breath too long under water - I might throw up!
Avey had a pretty good time, though half of it was spent in one of the bathrooms. She gave Daddy a chance to change a poopy diaper on the top of the peak. Then, 15 minutes later she decided she should also give Momma the experience too, so filled her diaper again. She probably would have allowed her Aunt and Uncle to share in the fun too, but by then she had run out of ammo. Maybe next time...

Sunday, March 15, 2009


Kira has an old cassette tape with a handful of songs from something called Joy School. Avey calls it "mu'ic" because she leaves out the "s" with a lot of words. They're songs about animal sounds, dancing, marching, etc. The plus side is that Avey LOVES them! The down side is that Avey LOVES them! We played the tape for her one morning during breakfast, so now she wants to listen to the whole tape every morning during breakfast. The most unfortunate part of this is that I get one song stuck in my head from that moment on for the rest of the day and find my mind drifting back to it everywhere: in the shower, in the car, while my statistics professor is lecturing, basically any time Kira opens her mouth, and so on.
But it gets worse! It's not the whole song, it's just the same 4 measures or so that keep playing over and over and over and over in my head! I find myself unable to sleep at night because I try to remember the words and toss and turn because I just can't remember. I don't know whether to destroy the tape or to listen to the song 100 times in a row to overload my brain with it. It's haunting me! I guess it was bound to happen with a little one though. I had hoped she would request Bach and Dvořák as soon as she could speak, but alas...

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Under Constant Surveillance

I had a funny, but somehow frightening, moment yesterday while driving in the car with Avey. Somebody driving near me did something rather careless, and I said out loud, "What the..." and Avey filled in the blank with, "heck." Kira and I discussed this interesting little event and neither of us thinks that we say that phrase very often. Or if we do, we don't really notice. Apparently somebody does, though.

So we have come to the scary realization that we now have at least two people who watch absolutely everything we do: the good Lord, and our daughter. Luckily, we don't really use a whole lot of expletives or "colorful metaphors" around the ol' Ricks place. Still, it makes you worry that Avey will be in nursery in a couple of months and when some kid takes her blocks away she'll raise up her arms in rage and query, "What the heck?"

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Bowling in Provo

Avey's hair seems to keep getting longer for some reason. We had it under control for a while, but as it's grown, it has also become more temperamental, so we need to resort to new, sneakier ways to calm it down. 

Yesterday I got back from a very pleasant, albeit brief, trip to Provo. I attended a conference on learning disabilities. It was pretty sweet to see some of our old haunts and catch up with my old coworkers. I guess I do miss ol' Utah - a little. 

So what else did I do there? I did quite a bit of bowling, actually. The night I got there, my little brother invited me to an activity with a club he's in at school. The activity was bowling! I then played my other brother's Wii, and what did we do? Bowling! Then Friday night I hung out with my brother-in-law and his fiance and we - you guessed it - bowled! I actually quite enjoy bowling, so it was fine. I'm just kind of disappointed that I didn't get much better as time went on. 
I missed little Avey something fierce though. I'm not sure I could have made it another day. She'll be doing a little photo shoot this week. Kira's dad knows a photographer who is looking for a new baby model for his advertisement, so he's going to come see if Avey has what it takes! I'm just worried with how she is about videos of herself she'll have me taking her to the mall every day so she can stare at the photos in the display! I guess it's hard to be humble when you're just so darn cute!