Sunday, June 28, 2009


I have avoided addressing politics on this blog in the past; I don't really think this is the place for those kinds of discussions. But I do try to encourage Avey to be an active citizen, and she recently expressed her stance to us:
You should have seen her during the special on health care the other day - she kept throwing things at the TV. There are a couple of things she and I just don't agree on, though. I believe in small government, and Avey thinks that the ones in power should clothe, feed, and bathe those whom they govern. She's actually on the radical side, insisting that the ruling body even change the citizens' diapers and do their hair really cute every morning.

Well, I guess that's what is greatest about the U.S.A. - everybody is free to express their ideas.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Reflections on Fatherhood

Avey will soon be 21 months old, meaning that I've been a father for close to two years. As I look back over this time, a lot of thoughts start swimming in my head. I suppose I could sum them up as follows:

"Brain feel squishy now. Need go ni- nights. No sleepin' long time."

Seriously though, Avey's great. She may have her stubborn moments...
But mostly all I can remember are the beautiful moments...
I honestly can't think of anything I could be doing that could be more fulfilling, fun, stressful, and meaningful. I am so happy and thankful to be part of this little wonderful experience that we call the Ricks Family!

Sundays are, in many ways, the busiest day of the week, so we celebrated yesterday. Kira gave me the day off to do anything I'd like, so I slept in for a bit, woke up to a delicious waffle breakfast, and then did a few things with my old chum from high school who's in town for a few days. We then spent the evening as chaperons at a Youth dance. It was a very pleasant day, and so nice to be spoiled.

Kira surprised me with a quick detailing of both cars (badly needed) and bought us a toaster oven, which I have wanted for a very long time. We use it all the time now!

Avey has made it a memorable day too; she forgot to be thankful for me in her morning prayer (but remembered my sister's boyfriend?), but made a really stinky poop for me to clean up. To make up for it, she let me rock her to sleep on and off for about 45 minutes though, and then ended up not taking a nap after all. I tell you; she'd be bored to death if she didn't have my brain to mess with!

These will be great times to look back on. But with every month that goes by, I find myself feeling like it's gone by far too fast. What a wonderful journey, though. I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Sunday, June 14, 2009


One of the bigger pressures of parenthood is teaching the wee ones proper manners. That's really a tough one when we adults have fallen out of practice. Have you ever paid attention to all the missing "please"s and "thank you"s in our everyday conversations? Having a little one learn to talk sure helps one notice, I think.

We're lucky in that Avey is always willing to pick up a new word or two, so we can purposefully place words in her vocabulary. Of course, the disadvantage of that is anytime we drop a word or two we don't want her to say, she picks it up too. She is quickly tempering us into pretty decent parents. One of her newest and favorite phrases is her version of "You're welcome!" As you can see here:
It's my goal to get her to say "Father dearest, I would be forever indebted to you should you cut my asparagus for me," before she's two. Some might say I have a whole lot of faith in my little girl. Well, yeah...

Sunday, June 7, 2009


Avey was sick late last week and had a fever on Monday. The funny thing is that we weren't really sure if she was sick or just teething or what, because she mostly just refused to eat much and had more trouble sleeping. Other than that she was pretty calm.
Come Tuesday, we felt pretty bad about not being more understanding of her discomfort and doing more to help her symptoms, because we had caught it! It started off with a sore throat and quickly spread to plug up our noses. I had a bad fever and was looking forward to getting to bed early. Even though I took something for nighttime symptom relief, I was basically up all night with the songs from Charlotte's Web (cartoon version) stuck in my head. Thank goodness I'm out of school for the summer!

We've slowly been getting more sleep and we're mostly recovered from the symptoms, but boy, what a nasty week!

Some of Avey's favorite phrases lately are:
  • blow on it
  • no I don't
  • right there
  • wanna watch somepin
  • wanna go on a walk
  • cook somepin
  • bye, love you!
  • how doin'?
  • holy cow!
  • a welcome (you're welcome)