Sunday, July 26, 2009

Best Friends

Avey discovered two of the greatest toys ever this week. She's been riding her popper toy lately like a horse, so it was no surprise to me when we were at a thrift store and she picked up a stick horse and wouldn't let go of it. Needless to say, I broke down and forked over the couple of bucks. He's been a noble steed so far:

I'm not real sure about the binky. She has it in her toy drawer and sometimes chews on it for fun. It's not a soothing thing anymore, but seems to relieve some of the teething discomfort lately. She's on her last two teeth for a full set!

Speaking of teething, she was having a hard time the other day, so we gave her some toys made for chewing. I pulled this little quintopus (it has only 5 tentacles) out of the freezer and she fell in love! She thought it was the cutest thing that had ever been made. She wouldn't let go of it the rest of the meal and has since gone to sleep most nights with it clenched in her little fist. The little companions share everything now:

Just imagine how she'll spoil her human friends someday!

An old friend of ours from high school was in town with his wife and kids yesterday and Avey was shy at first, but then started randomly giving the kids hugs whenever they got close. We think maybe she's ready to make friends with more kids. We just hope she'll be so loving with a new sibling when the time comes.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I am constantly impressed with how much enjoyment Avey gets out of the simple things in life. For example, earlier this week she and I went to the grocery store and she admired all the shiny balloons in the floral department. She does this very frequently upon our visits to stores, so I thought we could look into the price of a single balloon. The friendly woman said that balloons with the King Soopers logo on them were free! Naturally we took up this offer, and Avey proceeded to talk about the balloon and nothing but the balloon for the next two or three hours. Here she is much later in the day, so she's cooled off a little:

It was basically the coolest thing ever.
You'll all remember that Avey loves doggies. Now that you've learned of her love of balloons as well, it should come as no surprise to you that she has been obsessed with a video of a doggy popping balloons for a few days now. It has the two best things on the whole planet, interacting in one video! You can watch it here.
She has also recently become excited about emotions. She constantly talks about a boy she knows who missed his parents. So we've been working on understanding what these strange feelings are. Here she is working on being sad:

Her favorite so far is "scared". We're also working on excited, happy, mad, and proud, among others. Videos are forthcoming.

Sunday, July 12, 2009


I made a huge mistake yesterday. Let me tell you the story...
It all started about 28 years ago when my wife was born. Then a bunch of stuff happened. To celebrate that event this year, she wanted to go water skiing; a family pastime on her side, and something I had never done until we were married.
I must not remember the first time I went very well because I went again yesterday. Oh, don't get me wrong, it was fun and all while I was there, enjoying the fresh air over the lake, the cool-but-not-too-cool water, the blue sky, the ducks strolling along the surface... I felt like a little kid on a boat, or something.
I'm not sure what happened next exactly. I was sitting in the boat, pondering the meaning of life, the wonders of the Earth, the origin of corned beef, etc., and the next thing I knew, I was being fitted with some sort of padded, sleeveless shirt. They called it a "life jacket": probably because it was the only thing that kept me alive during my descent into the abyss (meaning the water).
I actually thought I was doing pretty well for a few seconds; I was up, gliding along the surface of the water with the wind in my unshaven face and thinning hair, glorying in man's dominion over gravity, and eternal contempt for the fish who were trying to watch Saturday morning cartoons below (I'm pretty sure I saw Spongebob near the dock).
It was at this moment that the forces of the universe decided it was high time that Eli Ricks had some humbling.
It all happened so fast. One moment I was king of the lake, the next I was skidding and bouncing on top of it, swallowing liter after liter of its mass. I had no idea that water in its liquid form could be just as hard as concrete when you scrape along top of it at 30 mph.
Now I know.
In my infinite naivety, I tried again after getting reoriented to time and place and regaining feeling in my limbs. Outcome: worse than or equal to previous attempt.
I tried a few more times with the encouragement of my wife and father-in-law (both veterans of the lake and its adventures), and improved my time-before-suffering with each attempt, but it seems that with every increasingly painful landing, the lake was trying to get a message through to me.
Ever since struggling to lift my banged up body into the boat for the last time, I have felt like somebody took a meat tenderizer to the contents of my head, and replaced every muscle in my body with steel wool - and not the nice steel wool fresh out of the package, but that nasty steel wool that you end up with after scrubbing your oven for 6 hours, trying every chemical you've got in the house. In a word, ouch!
I've got until August to plan out my strategy for next time. So far, this is what I've got; everybody reading this blog, please remind me not to ever go near water again!

Sunday, July 5, 2009


As usual, Avey becomes more cultured with each passing week. Recently, she favored us with her rendition of one of the more famous vocal pieces from the 20th Century: I am pleased to herewith present you with the fruit of her labors:
She has not yet agreed to sign any autographs (she claims that it is because she doesn't know how to spell or write yet), so please hold off any requests. For now, her mother and I are contracted with her, so stay tuned to this blog for all original material.

We had a delightful 4th of July. We went on a little horse-drawn carriage tour of Old Colorado City, and enjoyed a nice barbecue with Kira's family.
Happy Birthday USA!