Sunday, August 30, 2009


It's been kind of a rough few weeks. With the end of summer comes not only school, but also people coming and going to school. This year, it seems like we mostly had people going. My sister went off to college and all of Kira's siblings are now living out-of-state. Because of this gaping hole left in our lives by their departure, we found small ways to replace them. Introducing Jeffery:
Jeffery (named thusly by Avey) is a male betta fish left over from Kira's sister's wedding reception. He was part of the centerpiece. After it was all cleaned up, Jeffery was looking for a permanent home, and we decided to take him on.
After a few days, I realized that he was probably rather lonely, having no one to talk to or fight with. After reading up on bettas, I learned that they are usually compatible with African dwarf frogs. Thus, we aquired (again, named by Avey) Ursula:
As far as filling that void, these two are falling a little short. We still miss our siblings, but taking care of these little guys is pretty fun too. Avey especially loves feeding them every morning. She loves animals of all shapes and sizes, and we're not really house pet people, so a fish and a frog work out for everybody pretty well.
I apologize for not having new video to post this week. We've been out of tape for our camcorder for a while now. I also haven't taken any blog-worthy photos for a while. I promise that Avey is not being replaced by the fish and frog (although I almost started feeding them her lunch the other day). I'll get some footage of her soon.

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Well, even though nobody reminded me not to go water skiing again, I was able to avoid it on Friday. It was mostly accidental, actually. I kind of did want to go, but had already scheduled an important meeting that morning that I really needed to attend. It sounds like Kira and Avey had a wonderful time, though! Avey didn't ski very much, but really enjoyed the water.We both have had some siblings in town, so have been trying to spend a lot of time with them. Yesterday we went mini-golfing and Kira and I both got 3 holes-in-one! It was basically the highlight of the week for us. Avey had fun riding all the fake animals that make some of the obstacles on the course, and splashing in the water that causes a 1-stroke penalty. She didn't seem to understand why we don't just pick up the colorful balls, walk them over to the hole, and plop it in instead of knocking them around with sticks. She tried to show us her idea several times (that's my little pragmatist), but it just didn't catch on. She almost showed a few other golfers her idea, but we were able to catch her in time. I'm starting to think that maybe she won't be the next female and white Tiger Woods. Plan B is racquetball, and she is doing pretty well with that; she chucks the ball across the kitchen sometimes. Just enjoying watching it bounce is half the requirement to be a great racquetball player, so I have high hopes for her in that sport.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Got Aveys?

What a crazy week! I started my practicum on Monday, which was stressful enough, but in addition to that, Kira's sister got married this week too! Admittedly, I probably wasn't as stressed as the bride, but believe me, I know how to freak out.

I'm not sure how much I can say about my practicum, so I'll just leave it at this; I met a few murderers. Talk about eye-opening experience!

Avey was all about Avey at several points this week. For example, I think this was a dream-come-true for her when she found that there were 3 more of her for people to admire:
At this point, you may want to revisit an old post. Yes, it's still alive and well.

I think the wedding and reception were just feeding Avey's ego because she probably thought everyone there had come just to compliment her. At the reception, every time somebody said, "Well aren't you pretty?" She would very plainly respond, "Yeth" with her subtle, but ever present lisp. I don't know what I'm more afraid of: that she's cute, or that she knows it.

Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Abyss of Time

Well, the summer was nice while it lasted. I start my practicum tomorrow, and classes start two weeks after that. It sounds like it's going to be a very busy semester. Now I look back and wonder where the whole summer went.
Avey just insists on continuing to grow, too. For the last couple of weeks she's started repeating just about everything we say or she hears. Yesterday she chose a line out of a movie she watched and repeated it the rest of the day; "I'm not crazy!" After hearing it 50 times in a row, we started to wonder if we should believe her.
She's also slowly becoming a two-year-old. I did not include a video this week because the only new footage I got was of her massive tantrum the other morning. She woke up MAD, and proceeded to whine and scream and cry for another 45 minutes or so, and nothing could console her. I figured nobody wanted to see that, and I'm trying really hard to maintain the perception that Avey is perfect. We all know I believe it, but I've got to make sure everyone else believes it too. A video to the contrary would only weaken my agenda.
Seriously, though, she's usually great. We wonder if her moodiness is increasing because she's getting older, still teething, or because she's super jealous of my sister (they're sort of competing for my sister's boyfriend's affection).
Of course, Avey keeps up on her own history pretty well (by watching home videos of herself), so she may realize that she's getting older. I bet she's having an early-life crisis: feeling the pressure of solving all the world's problems before age 5, accomplishing something with her life, etc., so we are trying to reassure her that it's not up to her to save the world.
At least until she's 10 or so.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Brian Head

We spent most of last week at a family reunion in Brian Head, Utah. The trip over was long, but fairly uneventful as Avey spent most of the time playing, singing, etc. She even calmly dozed off for a good nap!

Avey quickly became excited with a completely new place to explore. She soon discovered her new best friend in the world: a shoe scraper that is made to look like a hedgehog:
At least 4 times a day, we would pay the little guy a visit and the ceremony of petting him and touching his nose would commence.

She also enjoyed a chair lift ride up the mountain. It was a beautiful view:
We all enjoyed visiting with cousins and Avey enjoyed meeting more people her age.
We also enjoyed archery, ATVing, a little bit of sleep, and the beautiful weather.

As promised, here is Avey practicing some of her emotions:

I hope I'll have more time for next week's post. Thanks for reading!