Sunday, January 31, 2010


You will recall a resolution we recently set for Avey for the New Year, and the circumstances necessitating it. I am pleased to announce that, as of approximately 45 minutes prior to this post, she did, in fact, go poo poo in the potty all by herself.


Since first trying, she has been very good at sitting on the potty and "practicing," but that has always been right after filling her diaper. We noticed just a few days ago that she tends to enjoy hiding in the curtains just before such incidents, and soon struck an epiphany.

Avey, being the dainty, archetypal princess that she is of course found it abhorrent to admit any hint of lower, animal functions (the process, not the results). Thus, she concentrated her efforts toward concealing said animal functions as much as possible. We, the naïve parents, had up until today stood right next to her as she sat on the potty, giving her words of encouragement. This, of course, was counterproductive, placing emphasis on the very thing she was trying to deny was part of her being.

And so after lunch, Avey ran to hide behind the curtain again, and we suggested that she hide in the bathroom on the potty. She concurred and we left her to her own devices for a few minutes. Upon completion, she announced the results and we entered cheering. We hope this is a new beginning!

In other news, while driving in the car early last week, Avey requested "When you coming down song." By this, she of course meant "Star Baby" by Marcy Playground. It has become a habit now that when we get in the car, she makes the request and kicks her legs and nods her head to the beat. To listen to the entire song, click here and skip to the 2nd song. Here she is dancing to part of it:
We thought it was so cute that I emailed the band to let them know they have fans of all ages. Funnily enough, I learned it on the guitar and every time I try to play it for her she gets mad at me. I guess I'll never be as marketable as John Wozniak. Nice to know my daughter shares some of my taste in music though!

Sunday, January 24, 2010


Avey has a very unique, albeit effective, bargaining style. For example, earlier this week we were over at Nana's, where one of Avey's most preferred pastimes is feeding her dear father M&Ms. She had stuffed two or three in my mouth and offered more when I informed her that I no longer wished to partake. She looked up at me with her most pathetic and harmless puppy dog face, and sounded as if the wrong answer would crush her as she asked, in her sweetest princess voice, "You wan' another one?"

Let the games begin...

So I explain to her that, although M&Ms are a tasty treat, one should follow the advice of Aristotle and exercise restraint when faced with pleasures.

She responds with the same, "Daddy, you wan' another one?"

For brevity's sake, I will forgo the proceedings over the next several minutes as we debated. Suffice it to say that Avey's persistence won and I did, in fact, come to want another one.

After realizing that I had just been outsmarted (yet again) by my two-year-old, I got to thinking if this were a skill that she would apply later on in life. Perhaps she has an inherent gift at persuasion, the exercise of which may serve her and others in the future. I imagine her becoming a car salesman, approached by a young couple who insist they are just browsing.

"You wanna buy a car?" Avey would query.

"Oh, no, we really don't need one yet. We're just trying to get a good idea of what's out here for what financing."

Not hearing the answer she wanted, she would try again, "You wanna buy a car?"

"No, thank you. We're sure they're nice, but we just aren't in a position to buy one quite yet."

Beginning to be puzzled at why her tactic has not yet worked, Avey pulls out her secret weapon, "You wanna buy a car?"

The couple look at each other. "Uh, yeah. I guess we could figure out the finances later. That green one looks pretty nice."

Avey, reassured, asks "You wanna buy two cars?"

Of course, her talent could go far beyond salesmanship. There is great need for such a high caliber of people skills in hostage negotiation:

"You wanna let one go?"

The criminal scoffs, "No way man! I'm not doing nothin' until I get a helicopter out of here!"

Avey, undeterred, follows her gut, "You wanna let one go?"
Criminal, confused, asks "Are you not hearing me? I said no!"

Avey, having anticipated the response, thinks back to hostage negotiation school and uses the one that got her out of the final, "You wanna let one go?"

The criminal realizes he will never get his helicopter with such a brilliant and no-nonsense negotiator on the other end. He relents, "Alright. You're good. I'll let one go, but that's it, man! Not another move until I get my helicopter!"

Now in the zone, Officer Avey ensures her promotion with "You wanna let another one go?"
I'll have to be sure to bring her along with me to any graduate school interviews...

Sunday, January 17, 2010


Yesterday we went for family pictures at the mall. Avey was very cooperative and made it much easier than all the times before (funny how growing up also involves maturing).

After the pictures we strolled around the mall, paying a visit to the pet shop. She giggled and waved at the birds and ferrets and puppies, and played with some of the chew toys. Then we went to get a new battery for Kira's watch, and Avey found... the escalators.

As we waited for Kira's new battery, Avey and I rode up and down the escalators. Again, and again, and again. We'd step on and she would giggle, as we ascended or descended, she'd talk about how the end was coming, and then, sure enough, the end came. When we stepped off she'd get a rush of joy and squeal at the delight of the whole ride. Invariably, the next word out of her mouth was "Again?"

At this point, I think we should call them esc-"elators." We must have gone up and down on those things 20 times. Forget Disney World - we'll just go to the mall!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


I always found it puzzling that the word "resolutions" contains the word "solution". If it really were a solution, why do we keep "re-" solving the same problems year after year?

Just to shake things up a bit, I've resolved to make some New Year's resolutions by March, so I'll have to get back to you. I figure, at least that way, I won't have given up on them until around August, and that's about three months farther into the year than I usually get.

As for Avey, she's been making pretty steady progress where she wants to, so our area of focus this year will be those in which she does not seem to want to progress. For a very disgusting example, take yesterday; Avey was due for a bath. I explicitly asked her if she had to (how shall I put this delicately?) fill her diaper before getting into the tub, to which she responded in the negative. I checked with her at least 2 more times before she got in the water, but she assured me that there was no sign of a bowel movement. I trustingly let her play for a few moments, splashing and giggling in the shallow water. To my dismay, I discovered within a few minutes a relatively large lump of what Avey's tummy did not digest from dinner the night previous floating and rocking gently with the small currents of her movement in the water. After several minutes of sterilization, we tried a bath again. Of course, after she had done the deed, she asked to sit on the potty. Thus, my New Year's resolution for her is to learn how to recognize a BM, sit on the potty, and then defecate IN THAT ORDER!!!!!!!!!!

On a lighter note, here's a much less disgusting video of our little princess, keeping up with other areas of hygiene:

Sunday, January 3, 2010

New Year

We just got back from a trip to Utah to ring in 2010. Here is a video of a few highlights:
Avey loved being around her cousins, referring to them as her "kids". On the drive back she got sad that we were driving back to our house and not her cousins'. It was an enjoyable trip, but now we need to get down to the business of catching up on sleep!