Sunday, January 30, 2011

Precious Moments

Avey's been doing very well with her potty training! She's had few accidents and a lot of success! The other day she was doing a little dance in the living room while playing with her crayons, and I asked, "Avey, do you feel like you need to go potty?" She responded, "No, I feel like I need to color." Har har har.

The other night at dinner, Avey told me that there was a monster in her mouth. Upon further inquiry, she revealed that her tongue was a monster that was trying to eat her food before she did. A difficult battle ensued, but Avey ascended triumphant. To show good sportsmanship, she invited her tongue to help her sing a special version of "Rudolf":
She constantly surprises us with her creativity. For example, the other morning, as I was getting ready to go to work, Avey also got ready for work. I asked her where she works, and she said, "Sesame Street":
We spent the afternoon yesterday in nearby Florence, CO, checking out several of the antique shops downtown. We walked by a little shop to see a woman just beginning a painting, and thought we would go watch for a little while. Avey was fascinated by the process, and seemed a bit confused by the woman's interpretation of a bird (a bit abstract). She probably would have stayed for several hours to see the end product, but alas, we had to move on. Now Avey's pretty intrigued by the idea of mixing her watercolors to create new colors. She's an artist in the making for sure.

Things are busy as usual otherwise. Thanks for stopping by!

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Growing Up

It seems that we've made progress. On Wednesday, Avey announced that she was now a big girl, and it was time to begin sporting her big kid underwear. Not one to stand against progress, Kira encouraged Avey's newfound maturity and began reinforcing the necessary elements of successful potty training! Avey has been on and off board and, thus, has had some wonderful successes and discouraging accidents. Kira has kept her eyes on the prize though, and is determined to keep moving forward. We're hopeful that in another week or so, Avey will be fully on board with her determination. She seems to understand the concept of "staying dry" very well, but doesn't quite seem to understand that it's okay to release when the time is right.

I can't say I blame her for having difficulty letting go of old habits. After all, she's been on this earth for just over 3 years, and all she has ever known is going in a diaper. Changing a life-long habit like that isn't easy to do in just a few days, especially for a girl like Avey, who prefers to have everything just so. It would be a little like asking me to begin moving everywhere on my knees - I'd show some resistance at times too. It's exhausting to break old habits!

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Kira and Avey are back home! They seem to have had an enjoyable trip, despite picking up some illnesses in Utah. Avey was really amazed to find a few inches of snow here at home, and we spent some time yesterday building two snowmen - probably just in time too, as it's supposed to be in the 50s all week.

We didn't get a whole lot of time together since their homecoming, as Kira had a few clients the next night, and I had my normal work schedule. Luckily, we have 3 days together over the long weekend to make up for lost time!

Other than that, things have been pretty quiet. I'm still waiting to start sporting my ties at work, Avey's been catching up on her sleep and working on her usual toys, and Kira has been back into her routine of holding down the fort.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Climbing Ladders

We gained a niece last week, and Kira took the opportunity to hitch a ride out to Utah to visit her siblings for a few days. Ergo, I have no pictures to post this week, no little anecdotes, and all that has really happened around the house is a lot of movie watching, some cleaning, and consuming junk food. I am again reminded why I need a family.

My loneliness also means that this is going to be a post about me. That's right, no one will know or blame you if you leave this page right now.

I actually do have some pretty big news of late. I have been promoted at work! I hired on a little below my qualification level, because at the time that was all they had open. But a couple months ago they opened up a higher position, so I applied and got the job! I'll still stay at my current facility, work with my same coworkers, but my uniform will change, I will have different duties, and a pretty hefty pay raise. The odd thing is, the promotion became official January 1st, so as far as payroll and HR are concerned, I moved up the ladder, but on the facility they are still so short-handed on staff that they can't afford to have me stop what I'm currently doing. What that boils down to is that I am getting paid more for doing my same job so far. Hey, it's fine with me. I'll just wait for the word to start doing different things.

That's it for me. I hope to have some photos or video to post next week.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year

Welcome to the kickoff of another wonderful year of The Ricks Experiment! We had quite the week. First of all, it finally snowed! I'm not sure it was quite the two inches I was holding out for, but we got some. Avey was absolutely thrilled, and made the most of it, paying no attention to the cold:
Unfortunately, Kira and I have also been pretty sick most of the week. She has had it worse than I, as I was able to go to work without passing out, and Avey has had a very slightly runny nose, but not much otherwise. Kira was hit really hard by it, but now appears to be on the road to recovery.

Otherwise, we've been keeping up with life's fast pace as best we can, and enjoying our Christmas gifts. Avey especially has been studying hers:
Here's to another year filled with fun and adventure!