Sunday, December 25, 2011

2 for 2

All votes are in! We are having a baby boy on or around March 11, 2012! So far Kira and I are 2 for 2 on guessing the gender of our children. We were pretty certain that Avey would be a girl, and were guessing on a boy for this one, so we're undefeated this far in the game. We're very excited, and have begun the long process of choosing names. 

On another note, Merry Christmas! We're staying with Kira's family this time, and it has been a lot of fun. Avey has more cousins here than she knows what to do with. Last night they acted out the Nativity story. Avey, being the only girl who can walk and follow instructions among the cousins, played the role of Mary, and did a beautiful job. 

Avey Plays Mary
She was quite insistent that we have a real baby in the manger, but the closest one in the house is a girl and has not felt well, so we suggested we substitute a doll. Avey turned her nose up to the idea, so I suggested we use her little penguin doll, Wheezy (a la Toy Story 2). She loved the idea, so this year the shepherds left their flock to worship a stuffed penguin. 
Wheezy's 5 Minutes of Fame
 It's so wonderful to be home for Christmas. We'll just have to catch up on sleep when school starts back up.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Guessing Game

Avey is very excited for Christmas. She has been going through a wide range of emotions as the celebration draws near:
  The moods tend to shift with her candy cane intake, so once we get that regulated things should smooth out. In the meantime, it is time for everyone's favorite game - the Guess the Gender of Our Next Child Game!

We have an appointment to learn the gender tomorrow (assuming he or she isn't too shy), and we'll post the results in a few days (to allow for a few more votes). If you're really dying to know, you can call us tomorrow evening. In the meantime, take a close look and let us know if you think that's a boy or a girl inside there:
Kira as of Today
Whatever it is, he or she has been kicking and punching up a storm in there. I wouldn't think it possible to have anger issues before even entering the world, but this one has me wondering. I should probably have a punching bag waiting at the hospital for when the child emerges, lest he or she knock out a nurse.

Merry Christmas!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Avey is a marvelously creative child, not to mention energetic. We have been trying to come up with outlets - uh, I mean ways to encourage her creativity and energy - and Kira discovered one that fits both fields; a free dance class! Avey has come home a couple of times and shown me her dance games, where I have to mirror all of her movements, at least until she collapses in a giggle fit. They had their public debut last night, after knowing about it for only 3 practices.
Even though the title makes light of their synchronization, I think they did very well considering the preparation time and, most especially, average age of dancer. Say what you may about their technical shortcomings, if this video doesn't put a smile on your face you have no soul.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Winter Madness

I feel so betrayed. I moved here under the assumption that Texas is 72 degrees Fahrenheit during the 9 months that it isn't scorching. I was grossly misled. Not only has it dropped below room temperature outdoors, but nights here (and even most days) have digressed to jacket weather. Two days this last week I felt compelled to put on a near full-size coat. Shocking, I know. Luckily, as soon as we moved here Kira talked me out of cutting up all of our winter clothing for a massive stockpile of cleaning rags (perhaps some day...), so we still have all of our winter attire. However, I still am not in a position where I feel I can trust the Lone Star State and all of the stereotypes I hold so dearly. I even met someone the other day who does not own a truck or a firearm! She's not from here, but she's still lived here a while, so I'm really confused. 
Avey Decked the Hall with Santa's Sleigh "Landing" Gently. He's Gonna Need a Chiropractor After This!
Here are a few of Avey's latest gems:

  • If you recall the Darn Hand, he has been alive and well since his debut. The other night at dinner, Avey was playing with him, taunting him to tickle her, and then scolding him for doing so. After some time, Darn Hand decided that he would wait until she was not paying attention, and then attack his prey. Avey asked what he was doing, to which he replied (with Dad as translator) that he was waiting until she didn't expect it. Avey waited a while and then said, confusing the verb, "Darn Hand, tickle me because I'm not existing!"
  • One morning this week I had Avey set up to watch something on the television to keep her occupied while I showered. I came out to find her on the couch, holding her foot in front of her face, licking it from heel to toe as if it was a 3-scoop ice cream cone. Not meaning to pry, I asked her what she was doing. She looked at me with a little smile and said, "I wanted to see how flexible I am." This is where we parents say "whatever" and put a little money aside for future institutionalization. 
  • Avey has been scoring treats in Primary class since we moved here. She has always been quite generous and thoughtful by saving some of her treats to share with us. Today when Kira went to pick her up from Primary, Avey was holding a small bag of cookies and announced excitedly that she had saved some crumbs for us! It is the thought that counts after all.