Sunday, August 26, 2012

Sensation and Perception

In a truly bizarre twist of events this week, we experienced a meteorological phenomenon with which we have become increasingly unfamiliar. If memory serves, it is known in the outside world as "precipitation", or more commonly, "rain". After running about in a panic shouting "The sky is falling!", I calmed down and recalled that this happens with some normalcy in other sections of the globe. Although Avey had just retired to her bedroom, we thought that such a rare occasion deserved her attention. Ergo, we invited her to venture into the "rain". 
When she returned to us, quite satiated (and saturated to boot), she wanted to tell us all about her exploits. She said, with no hidden drama, "You guys will not believe your eyes when you hear this..."
And she was right. Our occipital lobes were unwilling to entertain the stories she was feeding to our respective auditory cortices. In fact, they did not perceive a word she spoke!
In any case, it made for an enjoyable few moments out of the ordinary. Avey was entertained, as were we. Carver, on the other hand, took little notice of the hilarity. More moisture escapes his mouth in one day than all of West Texas's parched soil collects in one year.

In other news, Kira was released from her calling as the RS secretary today, much to her relief. I start yet another semester of school tomorrow, Avey begins pre-k in another week, and Carver has two tiny white buddings of teeth creeping toward the surface of his gums. And the world just keeps on spinning...

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Best Buds

As most parents, we were initially worried about how Avey and Carver would get along with each other. I think they were too. We are glad to see that, at least right now, they seem to get along just fine.
They have a wonderful time with each other so far. Avey embraces her role as a big sister, as you can see in the above video. She also has an uncanny ability to get Carver giggling, maybe due to her willingness to act absolutely ridiculous. We're glad to see that both of our children have a good sense of humor.

I'm afraid there's not much other news to report. We are excited/terrified to begin school in a few more weeks!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pre-K Prep

As you may recall, Avey was born in September. That means, among other things, that she will be just too young to begin kindergarten this Fall, and rather on the older side at preschool. After much debate, we decided that we would enroll her in preschool anyway, as she could greatly benefit from socializing with other children her age, if nothing else. We are not horribly worried about her academically, as she can count to 100 unassisted, knows all of her colors and shapes (including turquoise, hexagon, and cylinder), can differentially diagnose between "sad" and "dysthymic", and she can write her name and sounds out words all by herself (e.g., this morning she came up with "slebeg budi" for "Sleeping Beauty").
Carver at 5 Months
 We are, however, a little concerned that she's not had enough time with peers. Although Kira and I enjoy an occasional game of make believe, we are no match for fresh 4- or 5-year-old minds. We mostly just take orders about what to say or do, while someone Avey's age might have a better chance of reciprocating play. We have about 3 weeks left before she starts her new adventures at school, and are all very excited for her to make new friends and try new things.
Carver at 1 Week
We're working hard on training Avey to eat her meal in a shorter amount of time than she's accustomed to, because at school she'll need to finish in about 30 minutes. She may lose some weight in the first few months of school.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Magic Medicine

Thursday night, Kira was off at a meeting while I was on daddy duty. Perhaps that was the main ingredient in the recipe for disaster that was cooking up. After Avey had been "in bed" for about 40 minutes, I could hear her sobbing in her room. I ventured in, prepared to assist with what I was sure must have been another misplaced stuffed animal. To my horror, I instead found Avey's tears were the side effect of a burned finger! As we rushed to the kitchen for some cold water, she explained that she wanted to know what the light bulb feels like in her little desk lamp (we leave it on at night to quite effectively ward off vampires, zombies, mummies, etc.). She, being the audacious young woman she is, surmised that the only way to know would be to make physical contact (I later informed her that, in the future, she should ask an adult).

As I nursed her now blistering finger and assured her all would be well, I wondered how we would make all well. After 10 minutes, her finger still throbbed if it was out of the cool water for more than 30 seconds. We found the same result after 30 minutes; the same after 1 hour. Every topical soothing ointment we had in the house was tried with no success.

After Kira made it home, we decided I should take Avey to an urgent care center. I packed some ice cubes and we headed out. We found the clinic with little difficulty, saw that some lights were on inside, and there was a car parked outside. Unfortunately, the doors were locked. All of them. I knocked and we waited. I called the phone number only to get a recording telling me that they were open for at least another hour. I knocked again. I kicked. I knocked on windows. I called again to get the same recording.

We were running out of ice cubes, and I was running out of patience. I called another clinic, and they explained to me how to find them. By 10:30pm or so, we were signing in to be seen, and the staff were very helpful and polite.

The PA came and inspected Avey's finger, gave us a prescription to fight infection, and sent us on our way. I still worried about the pain Avey would be in - we couldn't keep her finger in a cup of cold water all night. But as soon as we made it to the discharge, the staff offered Avey some stickers. Her eyes lit up, she handed me her cup of cold water, and never took it back.

(Side note: We're recording in widescreen now, but I can't figure out a way to get blogger to display in widescreen, so I'm afraid our videos will look scrunched until I can figure it out)

I wonder if they teach that cure in medical school. I'm sure it really did hurt for a long time after the initial burn, but maybe after a couple of hours she was just convinced that it would hurt when she took it out of the cool. We'll have to keep some cool stickers on hand for next time, if only to save us a little bit of a hassle.