Sunday, April 21, 2013


Last Thanksgiving I decided to give up this whole shaving fad for a while. So this is what I looked like for a few months:
Chuck Norris? Nope.
 As the summer months are slowly coming upon us, I then figured I should shed my winter coat. Inspired by my brother-in-law, I did this in stages.
Door Knocker

Soul Patch with Mustache

Soul Patch
Scratched Clean
 My face is so cold now.

The beard may return, but at least for the summer I'll go without. Now on to somebody more interesting;
As you may recall, Carver loves to explore. Kira caught him a few days ago climbing into the bathroom cupboard and out of his pants:

For as much as he eats, he sure doesn't seem to be filling his jeans.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Food and Carver

Now that Carver's tried several kinds of food, I think it important to document his behavior therewith.

I think it will make sense to think of food like a drug to him. When the child has food in front of him, whether it be chicken, eggs, even green beans or broccoli, he is in absolute euphoria. He slurps down three or four pieces at a time, dancing in his little chair, as happy as can be. Before he gets close to running out of food, he babbles to us in a warning tone, as if to say, "Daddy, code red! I'm down to 6 bites left!"
Heaven help you if you are caught without his next course when his tray is cleared. Before a second passes from his last bite, he looks desperately around his tray for any stray morsel of food, and if none is found, withdrawal sets in. He wails like a banshee, apparently in the worst pain a human being can endure. "Why am I not eating right this minute?" he seems to shout. Mind you, this display happens at any stage of the meal; He may have eaten a whole egg, a full slice of bread, a handful of broccoli, and a dozen spoonfuls of fruit, but still he wails.
Any type of food will do. We struggle to get Avey to eat 5 bites of green beans in a 30-minute meal, but just yesterday I cut up 12 Avey-sized bites of green beans, put them in front of Carver, and they were gone in about 3 minutes.
First Taste of Birthday Cake
Just like an addict, the boy has triggers. Many times a day, even 15 minutes after he's eaten a meal that would satisfy me, if he spies somebody going through the cupboards, he gets it into his head that he's hungry. He's constantly under the table, scanning for dropped crumbs.
One Satisfied Customer
We've discovered that we cannot say "food" or "eat" aloud, for fear of setting him off on another frenzy. I've learned to be cautious about when I eat, timing it so that he's occupied elsewhere, or taking a nap. Otherwise, he's sure to be standing, tugging on my leg, begging for just a taste of whatever it is I'm having. 
I might worry if he were gaining unseemly amounts of weight, but he's still a fairly slender guy. I might worry that we aren't feeding him enough, but I honestly can't see how a stomach of that size can fit everything he stuffs into it during a 20-minute binge. Maybe if we balance out his greens with slabs of butter, it will slow his appetite.

Sunday, April 7, 2013

You Call This 'School'?

Avey's preschool class took a trip to the zoo this week. Kira and Carver were fortunate to accompany Avey's class. I could have gone, but alas, was compelled to spend my day working on my school stuff - writing up research results to submit for publication. 
You might, at first, think that I am jealous and bitter that I was stuck in my freezing office in front of a computer screen while the rest of my family was out in the sunshine and fresh air, viewing exotic animals, eating cotton candy, and smiling until their cheeks hurt. You would be correct.
I am very much looking forward to the summer, which may allow more opportunities for play. Of course, I'm hoping to have my dissertation proposed by the end of the break, so I will have plenty of work to do.
At least the kids are still just as cute when I get home (most nights). Carver has been sleeping better at night, eating as much as possible during the day, standing up for several seconds at a time, and singing, dancing, and laughing all the time. Avey is usually in a pleasant mood, even though she often acts like a teenager. She loves her brother more than anything, which helps to make the home a haven for all of us.