Sunday, October 27, 2013


As Halloween approaches, we attended a Trunk or Treat event earlier in the week.
Avey had planned for months to go as the Easter Bunny. She had a boomerang because she had based her costume on the character from the movie, Rise of the Guardians.
Carver went as the scariest thing he could think of - a German with a bouncy ball. I suppose he has not watched much television. We had an authentic costume almost his size, with the lederhosen and everything. We figured it was appropriate, because if anyone on the planet has Wanderlust, it's this boy.
I parted from my usual, uncomfortable nerd costume from years past, and whipped out my mechanic shirt, and Kira went as a fancy, possibly French, painter.
Carver must have really gotten into the dress-up game, because as Kira and I spent Saturday sorting through clothes, Carver slowly insisted upon this ensemble:
I tried the hat on him for winter, and he wouldn't let us take it off for the rest of the day. He had discovered Avey's necklaces, but she didn't dare share with him. Instead, she allowed him to wear this pink disco ball on a string, which he proudly displayed. The shoes are at least 2 sizes too big for him, but he found them as I was boxing up boy clothes and insisted that we let him try them on. He flopped around the house for several minutes, looking like a White rapper. I think the pacifier complements the image.

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Bouncy Ball Bliss

Carver's favorite thing to do this last week was to venture outside to the sidewalk along our parking lot, throw a ball in front of him, and chase after it. Even as fast as he is, he has a hard time catching up with the ball if it is particularly bouncy, and it often rolls under a car, or down the hill. The end result is that Mom or Dad gets a good workout and black marks on the knees, while Carver watches with glee. It's a little like a game of fetch, except I don't wag my tail.
After some trial and error, we found that using his small orange ball was best, because it bounces, but is also light, so rarely has the momentum to wander into the parking lot.

Among other habits of late is Carver's curious behavior regarding the bathroom. I do not recall when this began exactly, but for several weeks, if Carver catches me heading to use the water closet, he is sure to follow behind. This is fairly normal for most children, but where it gets a little strange is that, when I prepare to relieve myself standing in front of the potty, Carver plants himself to the left of it, grips the side of the bowl with both hands, and just watches the show. I cannot imagine what would make it more awkward. After it's over, he says, "Eww", and then we both wash our hands. My only hope is that this little fascination of his will translate into easier potty training, now that he fully understands the sequence.

Sunday, October 13, 2013


There truly is no party like Avey's birthday party, because Avey's birthday party does not stop. Here we are, two weeks after, and we still have not begun to sort out all of the booty. Her room is complete chaos - covered in little treasures.
Avey's talented and thoughtful great aunt threw a pirate-themed party, with an inflatable treasure chest and everything. After a brief series of clues, she was eventually led to the presents, all packed into the chest. She exclaimed several times that this was the best birthday ever. 
Carver also made out like a bandit. He got a fresh foam ball to toss around, so he has been entertained for the entire 2 weeks. We were again reminded just how bright he is when later, he surprised us by singing "Happy Birthday" all on his own. He had heard it only 3 or 4 times, but has it down pretty well:
Every day we are more and more shocked with just how grown up our kids are. Avey can whistle like a pro, snap her fingers, and finally tried eating a burger without taking it apart first. Carver impresses us with new words games each day. And he can dance like Fred Astaire (if Muse had been around when Fred was):
As a brief update to last week's post, Carver turned out to have a small cold, which may have been why he was having so much trouble sleeping. He's sleeping better now, even though it's less than we'd like.

Maybe by next birthday, we'll all be well-rested.

Sunday, October 6, 2013

Circadian Chaos

Our home has been plagued with consciousness for far too long. For example, this morning Carver woke at 4:15, and insisted I suffer with him. Most days lately, he's up before 6. Kira and I take turns joining him, but do not always get a nap to help us recover. We drag through most days drained of energy. 

We've tried what measures seem reasonable. We've tried reducing his number of naps, moving up his bed time, pushing back his bed time, voodoo, explaining to him how sleep is good for all of us, and even making getting up relatively boring. So far we've had little success. Short of drugs or some sort of brain surgery, we may have exhausted our options. We keep thinking it is some phase, or maybe there's a last tooth coming in - that there's some end in sight.
Avey has helped very little. Since beginning school, we need to have her up at 6:20 to make it on time. To be her normal self, she needs to be asleep around 8, but most nights she'll manage to keep herself awake until 9 or so. One might think we could let her sleep in on the weekends, but she invariably has herself up by 6 when she doesn't need to be!

The end result is groggy parents, a cranky girl, and Carver on adrenaline. It can't get much worse, so we are hanging on for now.