Sunday, February 23, 2014

Communication Breakdown

As well as Carver speaks, he is still not quite 2 years old. He has become increasingly frustrated with our occasional lack of understanding, especially when we are trying to get him to do something he does not want to do, and in his own mind he is very reasonably explaining why. A phrase we have heard a lot this last week is one that apparently is meant to communicate his grievances. If we are making it out right, he says, with all the fury of a volcano, "Other best friends!"
Where on earth he heard such a phrase, and how he came to think that it means something to the effect of "For crying out loud!", we may never know. It cracks me up every time he says it, so maybe he will realize that it is not having the effect for which he hopes.
Similarly, Avey and I had a humorous interaction yesterday. She was beside herself with irritation, after having been unable to locate a small, stuffed penguin of hers. You may remember him as "Wheezy." I offered to help her look for a few minutes. After searching in vain, I suggested that Wheezy may have finally flown away. At this, Avey shot me a look that seemed to say, "You don't seriously expect me to believe that." Then she spoke, "Dad, Wheezy is a penguin. Penguins can't fly."

I could not argue with her logic, but I am a little puzzled that I had suggested an inanimate child's toy had spontaneously sprung to life, and the biggest flaw she saw in my statement was a mischaracterization of the species it represents.
In other news, we will know the gender of Baby #3 in the next 2 weeks! We are taking guesses, so feel free to share with us your intuition. Avey really wants another boy. She told us before we even told her we were expecting, that she wants a boy, so that Carver won't feel left out. She is such a sweetheart.
Kira and I don't really have any strong sense of this next one. We were sure about Avey and Carver, but the child is not sending out any telepathic hints. We will know soon enough!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Toys of the Trade

Carver is fairly easy to please as far as toys go. Give him a ball and some place to throw it, and he will be occupied for an hour. Give him a pile of rocks, and he will study them and their physical properties as long as he can. Unfortunately, Kira and I are often tied to our four walls during the day, so Carver has to make do with what is within our humble abode. This last week, he has taken a particular shine to a common household tool he found under the bathroom sink. He has been so attached, in fact, that he often insists we take it with us wherever we go:
Do not adjust your screens, Ladies and Gentlemen. That is, in fact, a plunger. We are not quite certain what his attraction to it is, or at least why it is so strong. It is a stick, yes, but with an awkward rubber cup at one end. Maybe the charm is that it stands up on its own, or that it makes noise when he sticks it onto the floor, or that it will stick to the door sideways ...Okay, I guess all of that is pretty cool. 

We were invited to a birthday party last week, and Carver insisted that we bring along his precious plunger. I figured there would be no harm in him just holding onto it during the drive, but then when we got to the restaurant, he and I spent at least 5 minutes working up the courage to leave it in the car. After much weeping, wailing, and gnashing of teeth, he finally agreed to part with his companion. 
I'm sure this is just another phase, like so many of his interests. But as long as this one lasts, we just hope we cleaned the thing adequately the first time he got his hands all over it.

Sunday, February 9, 2014


Everybody has quirks. I really prefer to have my drinking water cold. I like to have shoes on unless it's bedtime. We all have little things like this that do not necessarily make sense, but we just need them to be that way. 

Avey surprised us with one of her quirks earlier this week. We went to check on her in the night and found her asleep on the floor at the foot of her bed, surrounded by her stuffed animals. Here is a reenactment:
This may be fairly normal behavior for a girl of her age. When I was a kid, we would sometimes sleep on the living room floor just to shake things up. But nothing was ever quite the same as my own bed. Avey has not slept in her bed for about a week now, instead preferring to cozy up with her large teddy bear, and slumber where most people would walk. She seems to be sleeping well enough, so we are thinking we'll just wait this phase out.

Carver showed his perfectionist side yesterday at the park. There was a small play area for toddlers, and he had a grand time climbing up the structure, and then going down the slide. Unfortunately, the slide took a little practice to get the landing down. His first two dismounts ended up with his rear on the ground. By the third, he had planted his feet. He proceeded to repeat the process 40 to 50 times, attempting to get the perfect landing. Each time he was dissatisfied, he would say, "Try again!" and book it back up to the top of the slide. Each time he nailed the landing, he'd raise his arms in triumph and declare, "I did it!"
We had to tear the poor kid away for a bath eventually. Something tells me we will be back at that park soon.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Food Wars

Not long ago at all, in this galaxy, there were food wars... 

Episode XII - The Parents Strike Back

Parental forces have long held dominion over a small band of rebels, who fight for their freedom to play whenever and wherever they want. As the ruthless parental leaders, Darth Mom and the Sith Lord Daddy, wrestle to keep control of the galaxy, they resort to regulating food resources. 

Even as the rest of his companions succumb to the nearly omnipresent and irresistible parental forces, one young rebel has the courage to resist, evading all attempts at nourishment. His strength wanes, however, when the dark Lord Daddy masters the ancient Sith mind control technique, known as reverse psychology: