Sunday, March 30, 2014

Got Milk?

Carver has been more picky about his food in the past few weeks, and so we have been forced to try alternatives to his normal menu. One of which he has become a huge fan is milk. He loves to have it in a little cup, with a straw. He slowly slurps it up the straw, and when he hears that he has hit the bottom, he enthusiastically shouts, "Dad! Gotta get some more! Huh?" He places a great deal of emphasis on the "Huh?" What's especially funny to me is that he repeats it verbatim 3 to 4 times per meal. 

We are slowly getting the concept of another baby into Carver's head. We explain why Kira's tummy is getting bigger, and that he will mostly cry and sleep and eat when he is born. Carver speaks so well that we hope he also grasps the idea. I keep emphasizing that we cannot hit babies with our swords, so let's hope that piece of advice sticks. 
We went to a birthday party yesterday afternoon. It was a pool party, and probably the single greatest event of Carver's life. Avey had a fun time, but she's a veteran at the splishing and splashing games. Carver, although we had taken him to the pool several times months ago, embraced the water with as much enthusiasm as we've ever seen. It was a bit chilly for me, so I had to ease my way into the pool. Carver, on the other hand, charged right in, caution to the wind. He spent about half of his time with Kira or I supporting his chest and hips so he could kick and "swim," and the other half he spent going up and down the stairs that lead into the pool. We are glad that swimming will be a good option each day this summer once the baby is born. I can haul the older kids off to the pool while Kira nurses and naps.
We purchased bunk beds on Friday, which means I have some assembly to do when it arrives, and we've got a little boy to transition to a real bed in the all-too-near future. I'm sure that experience will provide a wealth of material for this blog...

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Boys, Girls, and Chickens

Earlier today, Carver was keeping his big sister company in her room. Avey took advantage of the opportunity to quiz her brother on the differences between the sexes. She asked him if she is a boy or a girl. He answered correctly. She asked him which he is. He correctly answered that he is a boy. Avey then asked him to which group I belong. Carver quickly concluded that I, too, am a boy. 
The next logical step was to quiz the boy about his mother. Avey did so, and Carver paused for a moment, and then answered that "Mommy just get a chicken!" We have no clue what was going through his mind - maybe he expects to have a little brother chicken come out of Kira's tummy in the next few months. In any case, it was a humorous moment for us all.
In other news, one of the highlights of this week was Avey's first science fair. She had decided that she wanted to find out something about using magnifying glasses to burn things. That's my girl! After some discussion with her scientist father, we decided to try to figure out if the size of a magnifying glass influenced how quickly it could burn a 2-inch line in a piece of wood. We also decided to see if the magnifying power is important too. She and I had a lot of fun doing it, and figured out that the strength of the magnifying glass seems to be more important than the size. We'll write up our results and submit them to the journal Nature shortly, I'm sure. 

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Desert Wonderland

This last week was our Spring Break. We spent the first few days trying to catch up from my absence the week before, and getting errands run. If you missed Monday's post, we are fairly certain that Baby #3 is a boy!

On Thursday, we took advantage of the glorious weather to go to White Sands National Monument. That is always an enjoyable time, especially when the weather cooperates. Carver enjoyed it more than last time, probably because he did not try to eat the sand, and he is much more mobile now. Avey had a blast, and got to fulfill her week-long dream of performing "Let It Go" in the white surroundings. See the original here, and then observe Avey's reenactment.
We are still discovering little white granules here and there, but the fun and memories are totally worth the mess. 
 Normal routine begins tomorrow. That will be somewhat of a relief to get Avey occupied at school, and for me to have time on campus. Carver is anxious to get back full dominion over his territory while his sister is away, and Kira could use the peace and quiet.

Monday, March 10, 2014

The Big Easy, and the Little Dude?

I am currently working on a government research grant. You may not find that terribly interesting, but what is especially neat is that the funding therefrom included a trip to a conference in New Orleans this last week. I promise I attended the conference, but I was also able to get away for some time in the city. 
"N'awlins" was a lot of fun, and the food was spectacular. I think I will be craving the Po' Boy sandwiches for weeks to come. Luckily we have a Popeye's Chicken in town, which sells the fast food version.

Everything I learned about New Orleans, I knew from Disney's Princess and the Frog. Although the film is sorely misinformed about the number of evil voodoo men running around, it accurately portrayed the city's beignets and gumbo [drool now freely flowing down my chin].
Even though I enjoyed my trip, I am glad to be back home with my loving family. Avey had decked out my room and much of the house with decorations and small gifts to welcome me back. Carver has been a little more clingy since I got home, and Kira may not have to go to a psychiatric hospital after all. 
The even bigger news is about our little bundle on the way. We went in for an ultrasound this morning and saw our child's heart, brain, bladder, stomach, and so on. When it came time for the peep show, the little one was terribly shy. We tried moving Kira around all over the place, tried putting the wand at different angles, and shifted things around in there. Still, the baby kept legs crossed, and had a hand between them. Still, we are able to say with a little confidence that it is a BOY! There is still a chance for error, but we are acting under the assumption that we will have another little dude join us in late May or early June. Now we begin the search for names...

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Toot Toot

You may recall that Carver displays some of the key diagnostic traits of an exhibitionist. As if that weren't enough for us developing parents, he may also have issues with enuresis. Here is what happened: After his bath a few days ago, he did his usual routine of allowing me to dry him off for a few moments before breaking free of my grip to streak through the house. This time, he must have gotten too excited, because after a few minutes he ran to Kira with a worried look on his face. "Mom, I tooted," he admitted. Kira smiled and inquired about this alleged toot. Carver led her to the scene of the crime, where a little puddle of urine lay. The mess was cleaned up in no time, and we came away from the experience with a funny story, and the pleasant knowledge that Carver is beginning to understand his bodily functions, and knew to tell us about it. Maybe he will be ready for potty training before Baby #3 arrives!
Our little man will be 2 years old this week - an exciting milestone and heartbreaking reminder of how time flies. We will be celebrating today at his great grandmother's home with much pomp and circumstance. We can hardly believe how far this little guy has come in a single year, and can only hope that he remains as entertaining. In the last week or so, his latest gem is his greeting to us in the morning. We will wake to his talking or singing to himself, and when we enter to help him out of his bed, he will excitedly say, "Dad [or Mom]! You alive!" I am not sure where he picked that up, but it is lucky for him that it is so adorable. This morning, he was up at 4:30 - at that hour, he needs every ounce of cuteness he can muster.