Sunday, February 22, 2015


Last Sunday we were at my grandmother's house for dinner, as we often are on Sundays. Carver was having a grand old time with his great uncle, as he often does on Sundays. They wanted to head into the back yard for some adventures, and his great uncle recommended that Carver ask me permission first. I overheard the conversation, so I prepared to play a little joke with him.
Carver approached me, and in the kindest and humblest voice possible said, "Dad, is it alright if we go into the yard?" I made a surprised face and exclaimed, "Aren't you scared of all the tigers!?!" Carver, as if he had prepared his response, immediately said, "No, there aren't any tigers out there - just kangaroos, and they eat the tigers!"
I think he came up with that because we had gone the day before to a movie with a kangaroo scene (at the end of this trailer). Funny stuff.

All else remains little different. I am spending most of my time in front of a computer trying to make sense of my dissertation, Hakan is spending every minute of the day trying to find new things to climb on, Avey is keeping busy and social at school, and Carver is aching to be 3! All the while, Kira tries to keep us all from losing our minds.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

High Maintenance

The kids are keeping us especially busy these days. Hakan's crawling has kept us on our toes, but what's worse is his climbing - he moves his way around the house, and when he runs into something solid, he figures he can just go over it instead of around it. This includes toys, walls, the couch, etc. He seems to love to stand, but it gets us a little nervous for when he falls. 

Here is a little more footage of some crawling, after he and Carver were getting to know each other a little:
Carver has been eating better lately, thank goodness. To give you a picture of what it has been like, I'll describe what happened a few days ago. After much effort in vain, Kira finally convinced Carver to climb into his high chair for a meal. He requested a plate of nachos ("machos"), so Kira put them together and handed it to him. He turned his nose up at it and simply shouted at all of her attempts to get him take a bite. She tried offering other foods: "Would you like some hot dog?" and so on. After simply screaming at her over and over, Avey asked him, "Would you like to scream your lungs out?" Carver replied defiantly, "No! That's not food!"

Thank goodness Hakan has been more receptive to nourishment:
Hakan likes to grab the spoon with which we feed him, and lick it off himself. Either that or he smears it across his hair and then drops it onto his pant leg. We've learned to have two spoons on hand so that we can trade him after every bite. He is a mess once all is said and done, but at least he likes food!
Kira feels much better as evidenced by her energy, mood, and attitude. She can't taste food very well because her nose is still stuffed up pretty bad, but it's nice to have her nearly recovered.

I am staying busy with all that's left on my dissertation. I am about 145 pages in, and I've still got a long way to go.

Avey is still a super star at school, and has been a very good helper at home most of the time. She took a reading test at school a couple of weeks ago, where the minimum passing ability is reading 60 words per minute. She took the test and read 126 words in a minute. She recently started correcting the punctuation and grammar on the instruction sheets her teacher sends home. So proud of that girl...
Have a pleasant week!

Sunday, February 8, 2015

Cause and Effect

Carver was initially disinterested in Hakan, but as Hakan grows and gets more interesting, Carver has paid him more attention. He shared with me one of his observations earlier this week. He was talking about things that Hakan does and said, "He is just my brother. But when you step on him, he cries." That is certainly true, and it's a good thing that Carver understands that. 

Carver has slowly been departing from his normal napping regimen. Some days he'll nap, and some he won't. On the days that he does not, he is a bit of a coin flip. On one side, he has a short fuse, and is cranky and mopey. On the other side, he is full of energy and charisma, as if he would collapse should he stop moving and talking. We caught him in such a state last week: 
He went on like that for about 30 minutes, and probably would have kept going if we didn't have to get going.

Kira is feeling much better, though not yet completely back to normal. Her cough persists, but her energy is creeping back. Hakan is partially to thank, because he has been sleeping like a champ, even with his runny nose. Last night, for example, he was out until 5 in the morning!

We'll get this illness licked before too much longer. Hope it doesn't catch any of you!

Sunday, February 1, 2015

A Snail's Pace

Hakan seems to have finally gotten the hang of crawling! This week he began taking the little full crawl steps to move forward. I caught a little bit of footage when he was trying to chase down Kira:
We are so proud of the little guy for mastering it at a younger age than did his two older siblings, and we're also a little nervous because he is capable of getting into new things. We've had the place baby-proof before, when Carver was at this stage, but with three kids there is a lot more stuff lying around for Hakan to grab onto. Avey is especially skilled at leaving all of her belongings lying about, and she is also the most sensitive to anyone disturbing them. She may learn to keep her things more tidy over these next few weeks.

Kira is still not yet back to her normal self. She is doing noticeably better than last week, but her cough persists and she is still is not getting enough sleep. To make matters even more interesting, Hakan seems to have reached a more severe stage of the illness - his nose is much worse than the last week or so, and his mood is a bit worse too. We are sick of being sick, and can't wait to see what it's like to be well again.

Yesterday, Carver and I were at a little play area. Carver was playing a little game and I noticed a bird of prey flying over a nearby field. I pointed it out to Carver, who noticed that the bird was not flapping its wings very much. I said, "Yeah, he is going slow, looking for some little animals to eat." Carver thought for just a moment and then commented, "But he's not going to eat them - he's just going to hold them." I figure I'll let him believe that the world is not a constant struggle between life and death for a few more years.